People with the Gate 43 of Insight think creatively, sometimes brilliantly. They catch insights on topics of interest. Their insights go beyond logic and common sense, which is why for others they may not be obvious, even bizarre. These people often find simple solutions to popular problems.

The ability of such people is to discover hidden and non-obvious truths and meanings. Knowledge comes to them as flashes of insight. In order to adequately and affordably convey their genius to others, they need to wait for the right occasion and people who are able to hear them and recognize them for their creativity. Such people often say, “I know.” And before making such statements, they need to understand how to express their knowledge in a form accessible to others.

The Gate of Insight expresses to the world a unique point of view on everything that one thinks about and thus brings a fresh spark to the prevailing social patterns and beliefs. Such people hear their inner voice and what it whispers to them. In order for their insights to be recognized by others, they first need to understand exactly what they are trying to say. The mind of such people thinks only about what is interesting to him and may be indifferent to what others are interested in. He is deaf to the thinking of others and thus maintains the independence of his view of the world. They want to know exactly what they want to know. And nothing else.

They simply block the knowledge coming from others for themselves until they come to them on their own. At one moment they may not understand something, but in a second everything can change. Knowledge flashed and revealed itself to them like a piece of a darkened map in a computer game. And they themselves do not know how it happens. Without Gate 23 in the map, it is more difficult to translate knowledge into human language.

Gate 43 Insight Human Design

If they cannot be understood, they may be considered freaks and fools. They are audials, they do not perceive information by hearing. Hearing is the key to knowledge and insight. They hear their own inner voice, which reveals more and more truths to them. They transform rationality into a unique perspective. Their knowledge is not based on facts and requires confirmation, justification in order to be accepted and recognized. Without a test of their strength, their knowledge can easily turn out to be a delusion. Therefore, before pouring your insights in front of others, it is important to find confirmation for them in life. If your insight helps others to get some advantage, benefit, people will readily recognize you as a genius, even if they do not understand how you came to this. Such people are always broadcasting new knowledge, and this is a certain challenge. It takes endurance, strength and courage not to retreat before the first difficulties, but to look for a way to express your insights in an accessible way. This is a skill that can be developed. Write, explain, listen to yourself, structure your revelations into a coherent system.

People with the Gate 43 think creatively and even brilliantly. They listen to their inner voice and systematize the knowledge that is revealed to them through insights. Collect them into a coherent system in order to then transform the thinking of other people with their knowledge. Before sharing their insights with others, it is important for them to wait for clarity – what exactly they want to say.

The Gate 43 of Insight on the Map

The Gate 43 of Insight is located in Ajna Center which is responsible for our mental energy and conceptualization. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 43 and the Gate 23 together form Channel Structuring. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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