Channel 23-43 Human Design Structuring Channel connects the Gates of Assimilation located at Throat Center 23 and located at Ajna Center 43 Gates of Illumination. This Channel paves the direct path from the mind to the throat, from the process of mental thinking to the direct formation and articulation of thoughts in “human” language.

The energy of the Channel determines the gift to receive “insights” – you can say things that should be perceived and subsequently effectively used by other people. It is important to note that the process starts automatically and the results cannot be “saved”. The wisdom of the Channel is expressed only here and now, and if the “insight” is not formulated correctly, then it can be lost forever.

Therefore, as the owner of Structuring Channel 23-43, it would be useful for you to expand your vocabulary and constantly conduct “rehearsals” of dialogues in your mind. Then at the right time you will be able to accurately and intelligibly voice the knowledge that has come, which will allow you to correctly implement the purpose of the Channel.

To do this, there must be an external source – a person who “provokes” the activation of the Channel. There is a resemblance to Projector Strategy here – you have to wait until your wisdom is in demand. True, it is worth noting that there may be exceptions. Much depends on the mechanics of Strategy. Like – Manifestors, for example, are predisposed to initiation, and therefore can ignore this rule. These and other nuances are discussed at the consultation.

Uniqueness for the media

Despite the mechanics of the operation of Channel 23-43, you yourself are not able to predict whether this time there will be an “insight” in your Mind or not. The process is unpredictable, but this does not mean that it needs to be forced. Those owners of Channel 23-43, who are trying to force the generation of “insight”, are faced with exactly the opposite effect.

Channel 23-43 Human Design, Structuring Channel

Their thoughts are plunged into chaos, and they begin to carry some kind of nonsense that is not understandable to them or to anyone else. In general, you can have two expressions. You are either a genius who is capable of achieving maximum efficiency in any things, or a madman who agitates others for delusional undertakings.

It is important not to “force” the mind, trying to force it to give birth to something in the world. You must give him complete creative freedom so that he can independently generate amazing ideas without undue pressure, thereby strengthening the people around him and improving the world as a whole. It really can be compared with the creative process – until the thought is finally formed in your Mind, you yourself can not imagine what it will be about. But as soon as it is finally formed, that very “insight” takes place. No matter how voluminous the concept may be, at the moment it appears to you all, in its entirety, and complete understanding comes to you.

Another interesting point regarding the nature of the Channel. You belong to that category of people that rarely perceives the words of others, instead focusing on your own mental monologue. Your living Mind does not fall silent for a second, constantly being in activity.

And there is another feature that distinguishes each owner of the Structuring Channel 23-43 in Design. This obsession with structuring, increasing efficiency. You are trying to do any thing as simple as possible, reducing the number of steps required to complete it. Efficiency methodologies – as a separate type of mania inherent to the owners of the Structuring Channel.

And you have the skill of being damn convincing in your theories. It is interesting how this talent is expressed in a variety of things. For example, planning the most efficient driving route even before you get behind the wheel. Or making plans for how and in what order to wash the dishes in order to spend as little resources as possible. Ordinary people rarely think about such things, but if you share your theories with them, then they simply cannot disagree with the correctness of your point of view.

Your innovative thinking really allows you to think and talk about things that can greatly simplify your life. But there is one very important condition. You can fully use your gifted Mind for yourself, but expressing your knowledge outside is a completely different matter.

As long as a thought remains only a thought, it is not difficult for you to understand its true meaning (when this Channel is conscious, i.e. black). But when you try to voice it, the result may be depressing. Only when you follow the internal Strategy and Authority do you have the opportunity to correctly interpret your thoughts so that the people around you can understand you.


The value of the Structuring Channel for society

Although you can use the energy of Channel 23-43 to simplify your own life, its original purpose is to help other people. Your “insights” are able to influence the ways of thinking of other people, directing them towards greater efficiency. For this, you get someone else’s recognition and gratitude, which in itself is a sufficient reward and does not allow the abyss of your efforts for nothing.

If your unique gift is applied to the place, then you can become a wise helper for others. But it is worth accepting the fact that not always and not all of your wisdom can be appreciated. And it’s not so much about your inability to correctly interpret the “insights”, but that the time and place are inappropriate.

Take, for example, Charles Darwin. In 1859, he published his work on an evolutionary mechanism called: “The Origin of Species by Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Breeds in the Struggle for Life”. But only a few decades later, in the 1930s and 1940s, society was able to fully accept its concept and reject previous misconceptions about the “divine” origin of man.

The correct implementation of the energy of Channel 23-43 is in two aspects. Firstly, the ability to speak and correctly formulate your thoughts. Otherwise, no matter how grandiose an idea you are proposing, it simply cannot be understood, not to mention correctly applied. Secondly, the ability to be silent and not to interfere with others when you were not asked.

This is perhaps an even more important point. You, with your inappropriate moralizing about what is right and what is not, you can literally eat all your friends and acquaintances. Then you will begin to shun, considering a bore or an eccentric.

The ability to speak correctly is an important skill. The ability to be silent when not asked is a skill absolutely necessary.

The false Self of Channel 23-43

Constant conceptualization, analysis and information processing, tuned to achieve efficiency – are the business cards of Channel 23-43 in Human Design. This is his nature and there is no getting away from it. The only question is that the mechanics of the Channel can appear either correctly or incorrectly. Those owners of the Structuring Channel that ignore their own Strategy and Authority will be forced to face the manifestation of the False Self n their lives.

The mechanics of the False Self in Channel 23-43 are firmly tied to interpersonal interaction. So, there are two options for the development of events. Or you will be a “gag in every barrel”, constantly chatting about and without. Or, on the contrary, you will become a shy person who is silent even when he has something to say. In any case, both of these manifestations violate the principle of the Structuring Channel, making you to some extent feel like an outcast.

Let’s say you went down the first path, constantly getting people around. Here it is worth recalling the direct connection between the Gorlovoy and the Ajna Center. That is, any information that only catches your eye is immediately transformed into speech. And in most situations, it will be mildly inappropriate. If you do not comply with your Strategy, you tend to simply voice everything that only comes to your mind.

  • “Oh, it seems you are fat! Why did you dissolve yourself so ?! ”
  • “I think you shouldn’t marry her. She constantly sits and is silent gloomy, why do you need such a thing? ”
  • “Why are you such a stupid kid ?! Everyone has children like children, but I have a damn thing! ”

Like that. The consequences of this behavior will obviously lead to conflicts with others and their hostility towards you. Therefore, it is vital for you to learn to control your speech by filtering what you say and when you say it.

Another situation, when you are on the contrary, will be too careful not to open your mouth again. On the one hand, you don’t hurt anyone. On the other hand, you will not help anyone. The owners of Channel 23-43 are Individuals, this world needs them to bring revolutionary knowledge to the masses. Not observing your program, not receiving recognition from other people, you run the risk of becoming an “amorphous” person, enclosed in yourself.

Finding out the purpose and negative aspects of your Channel is a good thing. But it’s much more effective if this knowledge will be applied in conjunction with other aspects of your Bodygraph. At a minimum, you should definitely learn about your Type, as well as Strategy and Authority. Without this foundation, whatever you do, you will not be able to avoid the manifestations of the False Self in life.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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