Life cycles are very important to you. Before entering a new one – analyze. If you did, follow through. Patterns that have not been lived will always return in a new experience.

Channel 42-53 Human Design Ripening Channel connects the Root and Sacral Сenters. 53 Gates of Beginnings and 42 Gates of Growth together give a powerful resource charge for a person with a specific Maturation Channel.

The Ripening Channel endows its owners with a very important feature. Every decision a person with Channel 42-53 makes in life is not just an episode, but an important part of life that must be reckoned with and lived through.

Each new experience that a person enters with Channel 42-53 must certainly be brought to the end, understood and correctly lived.

Human Design with 42-53 Channel 42-53 description

A person with the Ripening Channel lives a cyclical life. These cycles are repeated, as a result of which they lead a person to wisdom and maturity. People with the Ripening Channel are born to bring this received wisdom to life. It is important for such a person to understand that life is a journey. All lived experiences are, as they say, not an end or even a means. The most important thing is to learn to appreciate the very process of travel, that is, life. Any life undertaking of a person with the Ripening Channel must be completed.

Channel 35-36 Human Design, Channel RipeningThat is why it is so important to act on the basis of your Strategy and make decisions based on Inner Authority. If you do otherwise, then the process will have to be completed in any case, and if it was started under the influence of someone or something, then to complete it you will have to wait 7 years – this is how long the natural life cycle lasts.

If a person quits what he started ahead of time, then the pattern / lesson / meaning that should have been learned from this process will simply meet the person in another life manifestation, in some new cycle. To avoid this kind of vicious circle, watch your choices and analyze them. By the way, this applies to both business relations and personal life.

Every experience a person with Channel 42-53 has three stages: 

beginning, development and completion. This gradual, conscious living is very important for the harmonious and correct completion of the Balanced Development Design experience and living. If the sequence is violated, the person can get confused and fall into a vicious circle, from which it will be very difficult to get out.

42-53 Ripening Channel False Self

The False Self very often confuses the owners of Channel 42-53 and gives them unnecessary, conflicting advice. This leads to the fact that a person grabs onto everything, or takes only what does not suit him. Under the influence of the False Self, one can find oneself in attempts to make old unnecessary connections or try to return to long-obsolete relationships.

It also works the other way around, a person can enter into new, illegible connections. And visually, everything can look very much even nothing. But it only seems so. When you notice such rushing about, slow down and think: are these experiences really yours? Do you or someone else need them? If you notice in time that the False Self has joined the work, you can avoid many mistakes, empty energy expenditures and an unhappy life in which you will find yourself after.

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