People with the Gate 30 of Feelings will never be free from desires. Desires drive them and there is nothing personal about it.

This gate is the source of all emotional passions and ardent desires. People with Gate 30 may not know what they are hungry for. They are driven by the desire to try everything new. As a result, they can learn the changing nature of desires, giving themselves more time to make decisions before plunging into new sensory experiences. With Gate 41, desires are narrowed. The focus is on one fantasy or one desire at any given time.

This gate is also called the gate of Fate. Burning desire overshadows so-called rationality. And if such a person is in no hurry to plunge into a new experience, before he comes to clarity and vision, he will receive pleasure or not. The wisdom and lesson for such people is not to take the experience personally. A completed experience does not mean a bad experience. The desires of people with Gate 30 are beyond any logic. If they give their desire time to mature and are in no hurry to immediately surrender to their passions, this will only make their new experience more pleasant and deeper, even if all their expectations were not met. They’d better give up any expectations altogether. Expectations will not come true, and life will surprise them once again.

Gate 30 Feelings Human Design

A person with Gate 30 recognizes those feelings that propel him to change and progress. The recognized emotion pushes into action that relieves pain.

Freedom of choice is here recognized as an illusion. And surrender to your feelings is like fate. Such people deeply learn the emotional side of life. They recognize those feelings that lead to progress, and not only them, but also those around them. And they can breathe their passion into others, ignite and captivate it. In the 30s gate lives the potential of awakening and a clear feeling that the outcome of any choice is predetermined by fate. That such a person is driven by desires that suddenly come to him. And there is no other way but to surrender to them, to accept them.

Such people learn to recognize in themselves the passion that pushes them to action, relieves pain and leads to progress. Their potential is to awaken and realize that fate decides and chooses instead of them. And this is not a choice of logic, but the inner voice of their feelings.

The Gate 30 of Feelings on the Map

The Gate 30 Feelings is located in Solar Plexus Center which is our emotions and feelings. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 30 and the Gate 41 together form Channel 31-40 Recognition. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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