The design of Channel 41-30 Human Design Recognition Channel man is intended to fulfill the true desires of its owner. The main thing is to determine your real goal. Focused energy design is revealed only in the true Self.

The Channel of Recognition directly connects the Root Center with the Solar Plexus Center. Connection occurs through 41 Gates of Compression and 30 Gates of Feelings.

Sometimes this Channel can exert a serious emotional pressure on the wearer, which quite often is perceived by him as anxiety or nervousness. This happens in the case of an incorrect scenario, when a person lives in the False Self. The Recognition Channel is a powerful connection between the adrenaline system of the adrenal glands in the Root Center and emotions of the solar plexus.

Channel 41-30 endows its wearer with emotional Authority. The Channel of Recognition serves to ensure that a person gains wisdom in the process of exploring feelings and desires. The emotional power of Channel 41-30 allows you to awaken feelings even in those people with whom they communicate. Channel 41-30 is endowed with a Focused Energy Design, which is correctly realized when a person follows his Strategy and Authority. That is, ideally, the owner should live only 1 experience at a time, concentrating on it and not have expectations of the result!

Human Design with Recognition Channel 41-30

A 41-30 Channel person has a tremendous urge to always try life and taste it every time. Channel 41-30 is also called the Channel of Recognition or Recognition, because just in the process of life’s trial and error, a person recognizes his true desires, dreams and sets goals.

The Solar Plexus Center is very strongly interconnected with basic needs that bring pleasure to a person, such as sex, food. Focusing the Channel of Recognition is to prioritize desire among the many. But the ability to distinguish the main from the secondary does not come immediately, so for the correct living of the life cycles inherent in a person with Channel 41-30, sometimes years of training and mistakes may be required.

The awareness of how to properly use the energy given to Channel 41-30 to fulfill one’s desires can come at a fairly mature age. But it’s worth it. After all, if a person follows his True Self, lives in accordance with his Strategy and Authority, an improvement in the quality of life and attitude will speak for themselves. If you do not learn how to separate important desires from useless ones, then you can immerse yourself in the living of the False Self for a long time, which is fraught with negative developments.

For instance. The dreams and desires of a person with Channel 41-30, in the event of an incorrect living by him of his life scenario, can lead to the wrong Channel, completely capturing consciousness. The False Self never allows the Channel of Recognition to work correctly, therefore, instead of prioritizing and enjoying the choice made, a person begins to indulge his base desires. In this case, a rich imagination also plays a dangerous role. It is capable of quickly enough to lead a person astray, to hang him with false goals. We do not need all desires, and not all desires are truly ours.

Channel 30-41 Human Design, Channel Recognition

When a person indiscriminately grabs at the realization of everything, and even more so that in fact he does not need, very quickly you can slip into a depressed state due to the absence of any result at all. Why? An unfulfilled desire takes a lot of energy and leads to a state of depression, from which it is extremely difficult to get out, because a desire can be false, far-fetched, and its realization should not occur at all. Another negative point is the indulgence of all desires, which can lead a person to degradation by a direct path. Therefore, it is so important to follow your inner Authority and always be in harmony with your True Self, recognizing your desires and using the Authority to sort them into necessary and unnecessary.

It is important for a person with a Channel of Recognition to understand that it is not their mind that makes life decisions. The mind is just a passenger in a human body. All decisions are made by the body, relying on internal Strategy and Authority. Perhaps, at first glance, such a statement will seem strange, but you can verify this yourself by starting to live your Design.

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