Type: Generated.

Circuit: Individual Group, Knowledge Circuit.

3-60 Mutation Channel connects the Root Center with the Sacral through the Gates of Acceptance (60) and Ordering (3).

The Root Center creates pressure to develop and adapt, makes you move forward through overcoming life stress. The sacred Center is responsible for perseverance and performance, as well as enhances creative energy. Both of these Centers are powerful motors, and therefore Channel 3-60 has a huge reserve of energy to bring evolutionary changes to the environment and cause it.

Design of Initiating and Pulsating Energy.

Channel 3-60 is unpredictable, mutational and melancholy, its energy is pulsating, it is manifested by tremors. Therefore, the life of the owners of a certain Channel 3-60 moves from chaos to order and again to chaos, melancholy is replaced by active actions and melancholy comes again.

Channel 3-60 should not logically explain the change in your mood or try to somehow influence it. This can lead to disorders and depression, excessive anxiety or a desire to keep everything under control will appear.

The Generated Channel.

The ability to understand the limitations of one’s own vision determines how much a person with Channel 3-60 realizes himself. You need to be patient and alert, accept your own ignorance and give in to the sacred response.

It may be mistakenly assumed that the direction in which humanity is moving is chosen by the mind. But the mind can only give out a reaction to what is already happening, creating patterns of behavior and thinking. Everything truly new and mutational arises through response when a person hears the voice of Inner Authority.

Channel 3-60 Human Design, Channel MutationKnowledge circuit.

Channel 3-60 belongs to the Individual group of circuits, more precisely, it is the very initial link that passes through itself the energy of a mutation that moves into all Individual Channels.

It’s especially important for the owners of this Channel to live correctly, because melancholy reaches the verge of depression and can cross this line, and not the expressed energy of the mutation can transform into a disease.

Each owner of the Mutation Channel has a large margin of safety to withstand emotional overload. This is a superpower – to go through complete darkness in order to change the direction of your life at the right moment. The energy of this Channel is able to convince others and motivate to follow themselves. It causes similar mutational changes in others and creates a whole wave of transformations.


In a period of melancholy that comes without warning, it may seem that nothing is happening at all and will never happen. If you try to explain this logically, then the mind will advise you to move forward and then everything will return to square one. But everything should not return. A new one must come. It is during a lull that a mutation occurs and with a jolt it breaks out to bring a new vision and change the life of the owner of the Channel and those who are nearby.

Owners of the Mutation Channel may feel the desire to be in solitude, this is normal, you do not need to try to push yourself. It is clear that it is impossible to quit work and leave for the forest. But it is worth accepting your condition and acting at low speeds, doing what you need and not demanding much from yourself.

Give yourself the right to live in your own rhythm and then the rest will have to reckon with this. The best allies for you during the melancholy period are nature and music. Channel 3-60 has an acoustic aspect and needs sounds to match its mood.


If you have the Mutation Channel defined, then accept your nature, show humility and patience, listen to your Inner Authority. The pulse in which you live is the pulse of the universe that manifests through you. Each design element brings its own strengths and weaknesses to a person’s life. By studying your card, you get the opportunity to understand your nature and, without resistance, help her express herself correctly.

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