People with the Gate 24 of Rationalization constantly return to the same mystical questions in an attempt to comprehend them and find practical solutions and applications for them.

These people are trying to comprehend the stream of consciousness that they receive from the 61st Gate. They want to find practical meaning in the mysteries of Being, and their minds periodically reflect on this. They choose the most practical answers with which they can inspire others. When the answers are ripe, open to them, there is a great potential to influence them on others. Without Gate 61, such people are looking for something to be inspired on the topic of the unknown side of life, in order to then reflect and possibly come to unexpected answers-revelations. And if a person with Gate 24 is not aware of his nature, his mind can become for him the worst enemy, forever reviewing his life, trying to follow the lead of his thoughts. These people are purposeful, with their own specific vision. Potentially, they are genius thinkers who need time to think for an insight to happen. They need to think about something over and over again in order to piece the picture together and find the answers. Such people do not stop worrying until their question or problem is resolved.

Gate 24 Rationalization Human Design

Solutions come to them in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

In their thoughts, they go through this spontaneous process of transformation and renewal when knowledge suddenly suddenly comes to them. The task of this energy is to bring new revelations and insights into the collective field thanks to the thinking outside the box. A man with Gate 24 tests his spirit on the trust that reflection will lead him to true knowledge. Along the way, he can bring many practical answers and unexpected solutions to known problems.

People with Gate 24 return to the same mystical questions and riddles of Being in order to know their meaning and through this bring greater practicality to the world. They think about what material benefits and benefits can be derived from the revelations received. They want to get the right recognition for their genius.

The Gate 24 of Rationalization on the Map

The Gate 24 of Rationalization is located in Ajna Center which is responsible for thinking and conceptualization. You can read about Ajna Center here.

The Gate 24 and the Gate 61 together form Channel 24-61 Mindfulness. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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