The gift of your mind is to inspire other people. Channel 24-61 Human Design Mindfulness Channel is periodic insights that contain deep truth. Your mind is always working but insights come suddenly.

The Channel of awareness connects the Parietal Center which is responsible for the pressure to cognize and ask questions, and the Ajna Center which is responsible for creating mental concepts through the 24 Gates of Secrets and 61 Gates of Rationalization.

Such a connection gives the owners of the Channel a melancholic mind. This means that inspiration can surge suddenly and quickly disappear. Moreover, this is beyond any control. The Channel has a Thinker Design. This means that Channel 61-24 is a mental fighter who fights to understand the truth and to create awareness in the minds of others. Of course, the scope of application will depend on the niche in which the Channel owner understands.

24-61 Mindfulness Channel Human Design – description

A person with the Channel of Awareness is in search of truth throughout his life. But the search takes place not outside, but within oneself, through constant thoughts and reflections.

When used correctly, the Channel of Awareness allows its wearer to distinguish the comprehensible from the incomprehensible. Correct use occurs when a person follows their Strategy and Inner Authority. In this case, he immediately recognizes what is worth spending the efforts of cognition, and what not at all. But if a person has decided to start the process of understanding something, he will spin thoughts in his head until new knowledge is revealed to him.

But the fact is that the thought process itself does not lead to anything, insights happen by themselves. Therefore, you should not pin high hopes that the answer to the question will be born as a result of brainstorming, it will just suddenly overtake you someday, no matter how active the thought process was.

Channel 24-61 Human Design, Channel MindfulnessThe Thinker’s design, inherent in this Channel, manifests itself in such a way that questions arise in a person’s head by themselves. The owner of Channel 24-61 needs to accept the fact that his mind carries out its activities on its own, nothing can be done about it, just watch what is happening.

With the help of his unique mind and periodic sudden insights, a person with a Mindfulness Channel can inspire other people, after which they change their outlook on life. The human thought process system with Channel 24-61 is unique in its suddenness. A person often discovers truths, insights, insights for himself, but cannot use his abilities in a planned way, because all these brilliant thoughts come to him suddenly.

24-61 Mindfulness Channel Awareness Channel False Self

Such people need to remember that there are three categories of knowable: what you need to know, what you don’t need to know, what is impossible to know. Often a sign of the False Self is a person’s attempts to find answers not only to something that is not necessary to know, but also to something that is impossible to know. Falling into such an endless cycle of thoughts in the literal sense of the words can drive you crazy and a person can go to extremes.

It is very important for a person with the Channel of Awareness that his inner work is understood and appreciated by others.

If a person meets a lack of understanding of the people around him, then as a result this leads him to an introverted state and disappointment in this world. By the way, even such a state does not deprive him of his extraordinary mental abilities, but significantly prejudices his opportunities for realization. The state of not being recognized by other people plunges a person into different states depending on his basic temperament. Someone can become so timid that they simply lose the ability to express their own opinion, and someone will unceremoniously push their truth everywhere and everywhere in the hope of recognition.

As a result, disappointment in oneself and in the surrounding reality, which they often try to compensate with alcohol and other pernicious inclinations, as a result, grow into addiction.

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