Gate in Human Design tell us about the characteristics of behavior or character that are present in a person from birth. Gate is the so-called potentials that unfold during life. It is very important to understand that the disclosure of this or that potential occurs when a person follows his Strategy and Authority , which can be both true and false. In fact, Gate is the basis of the entire Bodygraph, Channels are formed from their connection, Energy Centers are built, the Genetic Type, Strategy and Inner Authority are determined. It is important to understand that the Gate is only the presence of potential, and not the manifestation of energy as such.

In the ancient Chinese teaching I-Ching, Gate was called Hexagrams and there are only 64 of them. Each Hexagram has 6 Lines, indicating the level of development of the Gate and possessing a certain set of qualities. Each Line has its own direction, for example, the Line of Wisdom, the Line of Trial and Error, the Line of Hermitism, the Line of Attraction of other people’s projections. To say that some of them are better and some worse is wrong. Each Line is important and is responsible for the multifaceted manifestation of the Gate as a whole. For example, the same Gates in humans do not at all mean the behavioral similarity of individuals, since the Lines themselves in the Gate can manifest themselves in completely different ways.

How Gate appears

All the planets of the solar system move in a circle, that is, they rotate 360 ​​degrees. So, every every Gate has its own certain degree. The further influence of this Gate on human life depends on the degree in which the planet is located in these or that Gate.

How Gate appears?


The position of the planet in a particular degree at the time of birth creates the Gate, which is displayed in the Bodygraph. Despite the fact that the total number of Hexagrams is 64, one person can manifest only 26.

Gate and Human DNA Amazing Coincidence

The peculiarity of the number of Gate on the Bodygraph is that it coincides with the number of DNA codons in the human body. DNA is a molecule that stores some information that is transmitted to each of its carriers.

A codon is a semantic unit of the genetic code, which consists of three nitrogenous bases, following a chain one after another. And the total number of these bases is 4. It turns out that there are 64 possible variants of how these 4 bases can be connected to each other by 3 pieces.

Each Gate in Human Design stores in itself certain information of the genetic code, in accordance with which various processes occur in the body. Therefore, we can say that Human Design does not just calculate the necessary behavioral strategies, but it deciphers your potential at the biochemical level.

What is Gate

There are two types of Gate in Human Design: conscious and subconscious. The Conscious Gate is the gate that you yourself know about. In other words, the potential that you feel in yourself and understand that it is, you know how to use it. Subconscious – The gate that is visible from the side. These are the qualities and images that you broadcast to others, but in fact you do not realize that you have them. On the Bodygraph, Gate is marked in black and red.

Black Gate – Conscious


Black Gate

The Conscious Gate are black on the map, and the mind is always responsible for them. We can say that black is your personality and its awareness, how you see yourself from the outside and what you know about yourself.

Red Gate – subconscious


Red Gate


The Subconscious Gate is your design, the program with which you came to this world. The body is always responsible for the red Gate. What is in a person, but is not realized by him, is manifested through the body. It also happens with the red gate. As a rule, only those around them notice their manifestation, and for the person himself it is either imperceptible or extremely surprising.

The most interesting thing is that the same Gate can be painted both black and red, and depending on this, their inherent qualities can manifest themselves consciously in one person, and manifest subconsciously in another. But, nevertheless, they exist, and if you start working with them, you can radically change your behavior line.

Red – Black Gate


Red - Black Gate

In addition to the uniform color on the Bodygraph, you can find the red and black shading of the Gate. This is precisely the energy or quality that a person cannot immediately recognize, since they seem to be present, but at the same time the person does not feel them, or denies them. It is necessary to recognize such energies and qualities in oneself, since they are important and, as a rule, very strong.

Let’s say you drive inside a car all your life and see only the interior trim, you know how internal options work, you can easily park everywhere, feeling your small size. And suddenly you are shown a photo of the car from the side and it turns out that it is a huge long sedan, which is not so easy to park. You are surprised at your skill, which you did not know about before, and you begin to realize that you are a good enough driver. So it is with design – you need to see your Bodygraph in order to find out about the presence of some qualities in yourself, marked in red on the map of your life.

The gate is the path to happiness

It’s much easier to go if you know where. Design gives us a huge number of hints, reveals the maps of our inner, and sometimes the outer world.

Knowing all his strengths and weaknesses, a person can break through any ceiling and avoid many wrong decisions. It is much easier to start acting when you know that you have the potential for this, to which energy subsequently comes. 

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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