Type is one of the fundamental concepts in Human Design. It is the unique energetic mechanics of form that lays down a specific way of interacting with each of life’s spheres: love, work, self-development, etc. Type defines the differences that make some of us active and punchy and others quiet and expectant, among others.

Today we will talk about what role representatives of each Type can fulfill in business: where the most appropriate place for each of us is, what we can do better than others, and what it is recommended to pay special attention to.


Projector has the power to recognize, see and understand the talents and strengths of others. They can prompt and guide, but only if those around them expect it from them and are willing to accept their help. Figuratively speaking, the Projector sees each individual as a vessel for a particular kind of energy. The Projector’s potential grows when he realizes an idea for a particular person. That is, when his talent is recognized by his environment.

For example, the Projector is in the business of making furniture. His skill will grow when he works under the order, i.e. when he makes furniture not for the flow, but for a particular person or family. If the Projector, for example, sells phones, his skill will grow when he will select a specific phone for a specific customer, and not just advertise to everyone how good the phones in his store.

Type in Human Design

Thus, Projector’s wealth is directly related to other people. Which means he could find his fulfillment as a manager, coordinator, HR officer, and working with clients.


Manifestor is the only Type who is able to act from an internal process without waiting for feedback or recognition from the outside. The only thing he or she should be guided by is Internal Authority. The Manifestor should also inform his environment of what he is about to do. But only after he gets the approval of the Inner Authority.

In the context of business, the success of Manifestors is based on not being hindered, but simply being allowed to be themselves. And in this sense, informing helps the Manifestor a great deal.

Through their independent and powerful actions, Manifestors can initiate others to do something. They are the ones who can start new things, bring in new ideas, start new business processes. This is a skill that makes them particularly important to the viability of any business.
Thus, Manifestors in business are best suited to the role of an influential leader, solving complex issues and problems, the kind that others cannot. They will be able to give their best where others will realize that without Manifestor influence can not do without. They are also suitable for autonomous work, personal entrepreneurship, where no one can influence their decision-making.

The independence and strength of Manifestors is their hallmark. However, the Manifestor’s opportunity for growth lies in the ability to build a system or create a product in which every action or every element brings a good return, and where at every stage it is possible to determine which steps have the maximum effect. And a Manifestor’s wealth is directly related to the ability to influence the people with whom he interacts. The more among his colleagues and subordinates those who sincerely respect the Manifestor and recognize his authority, the more Manifestor talents blossom.

It is also important to realize that the Manifestor has the talent to start new processes, but not to maintain them. He is more of a starter, but it is not his task to work long and hard.


Generator is a person who is in a process. Today we often talk about the need to focus on the result, but the Generator is a process person. There is nothing more difficult for him than to hold the vision of the result and at the same time not to lose his ability and power to be in the moment.

The Generator finds pleasure in the process and then gets the result from it, not the other way around. If you fixate the Generator only on the result, you can consider the matter to be a failure. Generators are people who need to give themselves completely to the process, getting involved in it and putting all their energy into it.

A generator who, with all worries and conventions removed and who does not think about the outcome, can generate a lot of energy. It becomes a magnet attracting to him all the necessary resources, all that he needs for himself and those who are in his field.

The Generator’s main strength is in the total commitment to the moment, and his wealth is in the pleasure of what he does.

Manifesting Generator

In terms of operation, Manifesting Generator is very similar to a Normal Generator. It can also stay in workflows for long periods of time and constantly generate energy. The only difference is that it focuses more on the result than on the process.
In this way, the Manifesting Generator is at its best when it keeps in mind the result it wants to achieve.


Reflector’s strength lies in a sense of balance, the ability to find where energy is leaking and to fix that leak. The Reflector, more than anyone else, can fill the role that is needed right now to complete the product. That is, the Reflector can be anyone, if it is necessary for the case. He sees the whole picture and that is his strength.

Reflector is a person who has an excellent sense of how energy flows through a group of people. Because of this, he understands trends more quickly and can unlock the potential of that group. If the Reflector is attuned to a group of customers, he will be able to come up with a brilliant design. If he is attuned to a group of colleagues, he can raise the potential of the entire team. The Reflector does not see specific people as Projectors are able to do, but he can reflect all the necessary energies repeatedly and show their potential to the team.

Thus, the Reflector’s skill lies in the ability to read the group influence, the energy of the group. And its richness is hidden in the ability to see the whole picture, to perceive the project as a whole and at the same time to reflect what energies are missing for its integrity.


Thus, briefly the roles of Types in business can be defined as follows.

Generator is the source of energy for everyone around. Projector directs that energy. Reflector samples it and tells it what is missing. And Manifestor comes in and starts the process or project.

If we learn to accept our peculiarities, we will not only be able to realize our skills, we will also be able to attract to ourselves the people we need to realize our business projects, and we ourselves will go to meet those who need us, our talents and skills.

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