Self-esteem in Human Design is not only something that is embedded in a person in the process of education. Not only his ability to adequately or inadequately assess his strength. Self-esteem is also something that is given to a person by nature. Of course, self-esteem is influenced by many factors, such as upbringing, the right environment, motivation, psychological comfort, etc. But the main influence on self-esteem occurs through the False Self. Especially when it comes to reducing it.

Very often, self-esteem is associated with personal boundaries and the inability to defend them. As a rule, personal boundaries are violated in open Centers, since it is in them that a person feels most vulnerable. But on the other hand, thanks to the endless trials and mistakes that we make through the open Centers, wisdom gradually comes to us. We gain experience, observe what is happening to us, and ultimately come to important realizations and insights.

Open Centers allow us to continually learn and make discoveries about ourselves and others. But often this happens through moral losses and even a decrease in self-esteem. Where we are vulnerable, manipulations often take place with our consciousness – the so-called False “I” invades it. We begin to believe that we are incapable, unworthy, not talented, etc. And, of course, all this cannot but affect our self-esteem.

Self-Esteem in Human Design

In Human Design, the Ego Center is responsible for self-esteem. This is the place where our willpower lives, our determination. And all these qualities are somehow connected with self-esteem. Let’s look at how self-esteem manifests itself in people with an open Ego Center and in those who have this Center.

Open Ego Center: how it affects self-esteem

Let’s start with those for whom the Ego Center is not defined. The main distinguishing feature of such people is that they achieve their goals in a natural way. They don’t need to think through steps or strategize ahead of time. Everything happens almost independently of them. Upon closer inspection, it may seem that such people are not very purposeful. But in reality this is not the case. They just need to develop their own unique way to carry out their plans and achieve their goals. One that suits them and only them. And then everything will work out.

And nevertheless, the fact that a person has an indefinite Ego Center can have a negative impact on his consciousness. A person may consider themselves not strong enough or capable of achieving their goals. All this will tell him the False Self. And it is the False “I” that will negatively affect the self-esteem of a person with an indefinite Ego Center. In addition, such people may from time to time not keep their promises to someone and suffer from a lack of inner support.

All this gives them a reason to inflate their importance in the eyes of others, to seem, and not to be, wishful thinking. And as you know, such behavior speaks of low self-esteem. In addition, such people may have a pronounced sense of envy towards other people. They often feel that life is unfair to them. That some have everything, but they have nothing … And all this also speaks of the inadequacy of self-esteem.

How to boost self-esteem for people with an open ego center? What to do in order to learn how to adequately assess your strengths, abilities, talents?

First of all, tune in with your Inner Authority, learn to listen to his voice. Trust your nature, stop conforming to generally accepted norms and patterns, allow yourself to act not by the rules, but by the call of your heart. And of course, start following your type of Strategy and no longer take on things that are not correct for you, and not set other people’s goals for yourself.

The less you get involved in the wrong things, the more adequate your self-esteem will be. When you take on the correct work, for the one to which the Inner Authority indicates to you, you succeed in everything. Exactly how you need it. And your self-esteem does not suffer.

Defined Ego Center: how it affects self-esteem

People with a specific Ego Center are definitely better off with self-esteem than those who have not identified this Center. It is easier for such people to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, there is a certain danger for them. Since they need to constantly achieve something, at some point they may get involved in things that do not suit them. And in this regard, they can be very disappointed in the results of their work. And of course, this negatively affects self-esteem.

And it is for this reason that people with a certain Ego Center must also remember to listen to their Inner Authority and follow their Strategy. Only in this case will their self-esteem be in order, and they themselves will be extremely pleased with the activities they are engaged in.


As you can see, everyone’s self-esteem can suffer. Both in people with a certain Ego Center, and in those who have not defined it. But if you live in harmony with yourself and your nature, do not try to surpass yourself and do not do something for which there are no inclinations and urges, gradually self-esteem will return to normal. You will learn to appreciate your own abilities and talents and live in absolute harmony with yourself and with the world around you.

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