As you know, there are nine Centers in our Bodygraphs. Some of them are definite, some are open. On average, a person has 3-5 specific Centers. But there may be less or more. Everything is very individual. But I would like to talk about what openness is: what are its pros and cons, how it can be useful, what it can teach, etc. And what is certainty: what are its advantages and what it gives. 

Centers: openness and certainty

Of course, first of all, I would like to note that the definiteness of the Center gives a person confidence, resilience, and a secure footing. And openness is an opportunity to learn something new and gain life wisdom. 

But let’s take a look at each Center separately.

Crown Center

If Crown Center is defined in the Bodygraph, this means that its owner has a very active mind and constant intellectual activity is very important for him. He can excel in a variety of intellectual tasks. Thanks to this, he will inspire other people to think and other mental activity, as well as ask topics in the direction of which others will lay their thought paths. 

If the Partial Center is open, then its owner will tend to think about meaningless things. At times, his thoughts will lead him far beyond his own interests. And here, somehow, people with defined Crown Center can help him. It is they who can direct the owners of the Open Centers in the right direction.

Ajna Center

If a person has a defined Ajna Center, he simply cannot not think about anything. It is extremely difficult for him to meditate. It is very important for such people to remember that their mind is not for making decisions. That is why they should give him the opportunity to visualize and reflect, but in no way direct him to ordinary life.

If a person’s Ajna Center is open, there may be a crazy swarm of different thoughts and ideas in his head. But without a fixed mental energy, he may not understand how to manage it all. He can read various information, believe in everything, study various theories … It is important to remember that no matter how much information he absorbs into himself, this will not make him happier. So sometimes you just need to relax and air out your mind.

Throat Center

If Throat Center is defined, a lot depends on how exactly it is defined and with what other Centers it is connected. However, of course, people with a specific Throat Center have their own fixed way of manifesting and expressing their thoughts. And to some extent, he is the key for him to reveal his individuality.

If a person has this Center open, one of the most painful topics for him is to attract attention to himself. And when he begins to do something just in order to attract attention to himself, this can lead to sad consequences such as a state of frustration and constant disappointment. Therefore, in such moments, it is best to just stop yourself.

G Center

If the G Center is determined, a person can live his life from the state of self-love. Such people always know who they are, what they want and where they need to go.

If a person has this Center open, he may want to receive love from external sources. Such people should watch how he feels in different places and with different people. After all, external circumstances for him largely determine internal sensations. 

Ego Center

If a person has this Center, it is very important for him to set goals and achieve them. He can also show incredible willpower in the most unexpected situations and serve as an example for others. Such people not only survive on the material plane, but also know how to create a space of warmth and cordiality.

If a person’s Ego Center is open, he can constantly worry about money and whether he will be able to earn it and worthily realize himself in this life. And all these worries can create insane panic. Such people need to learn to stop themselves. Their implementation occurs naturally and sometimes in the most unforeseen way. 

Emotional Center

If a person’s Emotional Center is determined, he should live his emotional states, give vent to his feelings: cry, laugh, rejoice. At the same time, understand that others may not understand this. Such people are very lively. The most important thing for them: in no case try to explain the states that they are experiencing. And just surrender to them without a trace.

If a person has an open Emotional Center, such a person can also experience various emotions. But at the same time, they will be conditioned by other people and external circumstances. 

And such people have a serious advantage. They can connect with their emotional evenness: when they feel almost nothing and feel good. Only in this state can such people find that all their emotions and experiences actually belong to others.

Sacral Center

For those who have a Sacral Center, it is very important to use their energy and listen to their response. If such people do what brings them satisfaction, then they can serve as an inspiring example for others.

But those who have an open Sacred Center sometimes have a difficult time. After all, they are physically unable to work continuously. At the same time, they can feel the sacred energy in the outside world and give feedback to the owners of defined Sacrals. 

Splenic Center

People with an open Splenic Center can panic about health and safety issues. Or, conversely, ignore any serious danger. Therefore, the best thing for them is to admit to themselves that they cannot know for sure what is safe and what is not. Only Strategy and Authority will give them a good support in life. 

If a person has a Splenic Center, he must trust himself and his body. Then he will know exactly what needs to be done in order to avoid danger. After all, they have a very sharp intuition and survival instinct.

Root Center

If a person has a Root Center, he needs movement. He is under pressure to do something constantly. And sometimes physical activity becomes the only way to relax for him. At the same time, such people deal with stress quite easily. After all, they have a stable energy for this.

If a person’s Root Center is open, it is much easier for them to relax and do nothing. However, they can be very susceptible to external stress. And worst of all, they don’t have a fixed way to deal with it. 

As you can see, any certainty, as well as any openness, has its pluses and minuses. Therefore, whatever your Bodygraph is, do not try to analyze it. He is as he is. Take it and have fun!

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