Seeing a person live in accordance with their Design is a real delight to the eye. But even if a person can conquer his own nature, it does not always mean that he will be able to build the same harmonious relationship. Of course, you should always start with yourself. But if you dwell too much just on his person, you can miss the features of the person with whom you would like to build a family. So it’s important to respect not only their own nature, but also to take into account the features and “chips” of his partner. Only in this way will the relationship flourish and none of the couple will feel disadvantaged.

When we talk about relationships in Human Design, the first thing that always comes to mind is the interaction between people of different Types. But Personality Type is not the only thing to pay attention to. There are a lot of other small and not so small nuances that, when added up, can cause quarrels and conflicts, or, on the contrary, allow the relationship to reach a whole new level. Everyone is familiar with the idea that we love more not even the most outstanding features of the person, but on the contrary, his small “flaws” and “imperfections”, which give a person some uniqueness.

When it comes to the underlying, hidden features of personality, we are rarely able to truly understand what is going on in the soul of even the closest person. But even if we don’t understand something about the behaviour of the person with whom we have a relationship, we should still respect their soul and all of the ways in which it is manifested. Even when we may not like them.

So that the potential of a relationship can realize its full potential, there are a few simple guidelines. But, it is worth noting, simple from a theoretical point of view. In practice, very rarely do people pay attention to such seemingly obvious things.

Most of the time the causes of conflicts between people are subconsciously following the strategies of False Self, based on what Centers are not defined in their Bodygraphs. Besides, each of us has a certain “picture” of what we think an ideal partner should be. Without thinking about it, we constantly compare the current partner with the imaginary one, and often the former is always in a losing position. So you should always make a conscious effort and not try to “fit” the person you love under some imaginary ideal. Ideals do not exist, and attempts to achieve them, not by oneself, but by making someone else become one, most often prove to be a failure. And you should always remember that even if you have found a perfect man, it is not the fact that you will be the same in his eyes.

Also, you should understand and accept the fact that no matter how good the relationship, they still may have misunderstandings and misunderstandings. And in fact, if we don’t get emotionally involved in them, such conflicts open up a great deal of room for self-exploration. If something irritates us, the reason is most often not in the action of the partner, but in our attitude towards him. So in moments of quarrels always need to look inside yourself and try to understand what it is inside YOU that caused the negative evaluation of the partner. After all, everyone has the right to freedom of expression, to their own goals, desires and dreams. And you have to learn to let not only yourself be what you want, but also give the same right to your partner.

Relationships in Human Design

Many people are looking for a relationship not so much to create something new with their partner, but to close some “gaps” in their own soul. Lack of love in childhood, complexes, thirst for recognition – there are so many negative reasons on the basis of which people enter into relationships. But more often than not, they end up in the fact that a person simply shifts the blame and responsibility for the shortcomings of his own soul onto his partner, thus starting to manipulate him. This is the reason why it is better to build a relationship only after hard work has been done with your own Design.

There is no contraindication to creating a relationship both for the representatives of one Type and for the representatives of different Types. It all depends first and foremost on how one perceives oneself. If he allows himself to manifest himself in accordance with his own nature, it will not be difficult for him to allow his partner to do the same. You have to respect your Inner Authorities, follow your Strategy and respect your partner by understanding and accepting your differences.

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