Let’s talk about Strategy and Authority Human Design.

The key concepts in Human Design are Strategy and Authority. This is the basis of all the basics. If we study our Design, we just can’t help but hear these words. But unfortunately, they have become so hackneyed among Experimenters that they have almost lost their original meaning. This is why it can be difficult for a newcomer to grasp and feel their true meaning.

What should have brought us back to our Body and energy is increasingly becoming a mere fable by which “our own” is defined. We say these words, but we don’t know how to live them in practice or what it’s all about…

The longer we are in the Experiment, the clearer we realize that it is not so easy to follow the Strategy and Inner Authority and that these are not just abstract concepts, but something that needs to be felt from within. To begin to live your life out of Strategy and Authority, you have to delve into the very depths of the experiment. And that can take years.

Consider a simple household example. How often do you open the refrigerator just for fun? Do you want to eat? No. Then what are you looking for in there?

That’s exactly how the triggering processes go. Nothing is supposed to happen, but you really want something to happen.

Strategy and Authority Human Design

Why does this happen? Because your Mind is bored or anxious and makes you act. Without feeling hungry, we open the fridge time after time and convince ourselves that a brownie we didn’t plan to eat at all is exactly what we want.

Let’s say we ate it. Our first thought is, why? It’s not like we wanted to. As a result, we didn’t enjoy it, and we didn’t even taste it.

Here’s an idea for an experiment. Try to stop initiating. Don’t go near the refrigerator, the kitchen cabinet with cookies, or the coffee maker without feeling hungry.
Don’t go into the kitchen at all until you’re hungry.

Feel the difference? When you open the refrigerator and realize, yes, I want this and that. And when we eat something that we really want while feeling hungry, that’s when we really enjoy what we’re doing. We eat because we feel hungry, which means our body needs it.

This is the difference between senseless initiation and the natural coldness of things. When we surrender to our nature, it’s much easier for us to know that we are really hungry and that it’s time to open the refrigerator. And it’s not just about food, but about life in general. By trusting the natural course of things, we choose the best moment to get a job, start a family, or start a new business.

Agree that out of anticipation we are much easier to make the right decision. And when you learn to look in the refrigerator only when necessary, you’ll enjoy it immensely. And the same will happen in all other areas of your life.

Because everything has its time and place. And because this pleasure was worth the time you waited. Whether it’s a trivial meal or an interesting creative project that we’ve always dreamed of participating in.

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