When we talk about composite, first of all we pay attention to how people belonging to different Types interact with each other. If in a pair Types do not coincide, that means that people have different Strategies. And so in life they can adhere to completely different rules. They can have completely different values, and in the most global sense of the word.

Let’s say one should listen to his intuition, and the other to the Sacred Response. One waits for the emotional wave to subside, while the other will be guided by Mental Authority.

Different Types in Relationship: Good or Bad?

Even if both partners live according to their Design, this is only half the battle. It is necessary that they fully accept each other’s nature, without trying to figure out why their half did this and not otherwise.

In fact, the differences in this case may not only apply to Types. There are still many nuances and points that cause contradictions between the two people, as well as questions to which they will always answer in different ways and will never be able to reach a consensus.

Here is an example from another discipline – numerology, where one of the key points is the number of life purpose. Let’s say two lovers have the main number 3, which is responsible for self-expression. This means that both partners will strive to express themselves, their desires and will, for example, through creativity. This will be their main life mission, which means that it is likely that they will be able to understand each other and move in the same direction.

It’s the same with Types. Let’s take the case if both partners in a pair are Generators. We do not know what their life mission is, but we know how they can realize it. Listening to the inner Response is the Strategy that both of them must adhere to in order to live their lives as truthfully as possible.

In psychology, there is an opinion that for couples where partners are similar to each other, there is a better chance of living in peace and understanding. And there is a reasonable grain in this. But what if fate brought two completely different people (two completely different Types) together?

We cannot penetrate the soul of our partner. But we can learn to accept its nature with respect and without reservation.

Perhaps the most difficult in terms of the interaction of Types is the relationship between Projector and Manifestor. What exactly are the difficulties? Let’s try to figure it out.

Features of the relationship between Manifestor and the Projector

How will Projector and Manifestor interact with each other?

The main feature of Manifestor is a closed aura and unwillingness to depend on anyone. This is the most self-sufficient and independent Type. Only the Manifesto has the right to act as he sees fit. Without waiting for a response or invitation. And if he does not follow his Strategy (does not inform others about what he is going to do), he will constantly meet resistance, including from his partner-Projector.

Projector and Manifestor Human Design

Therefore, the main secret for Manifestor, as well as for the rest of the Types, is to follow his own Strategy. If Projector is aware of what his partner is going to do, in any case it will be easier for him to accept his willfulness, independence and closeness.

However, the most difficult thing for the Projector, perhaps, will not be this. And the fact that Manifestor may categorically reject his advice and guidance. And he will not even think to ask him for help. While Projector will simply need it not only in order to realize his main purpose, but also in order to be saturated with the energy of his partner.

And then there is only one option. Projector should not bother your beloved one more time and try to direct his energy in the correct direction. And instead, connect to the energy of other people (colleagues, relatives, friends), of course, waiting for an appropriate invitation from them. Well, and of course, it will not be superfluous from time to time to remind your second half to inform him about your plans and actions.

What is Manifestor supposed to do? In addition to following the Strategy, it is very important that he devotes at least a little time to his chosen one. Even if he does not intend to turn to him for help and advice on some global issues, you can always invite your lover to the cinema or for a walk. At the same time, emphasize how pleasant he is to his company and how he likes to spend time with him. This will not require much effort on the part of Manifestor. And Projector will feel incredibly happy.

Thus, if the Projector directs its desire to help people in time to those who ask him about it (and not to the partner), and Manifestor, in turn, makes an effort over himself and from time to time invites his beloved to spend time together, there is a possibility that even in such an ambiguous pair, the relationship will develop very harmoniously.

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