Much has been written about open Emotional Center carriers, mostly that they avoid confrontation and truth. And indeed they do. Open Emotional Center is a place of incredible pain and guilt. We talk about how False Themes manifest, what hooks the Mind is setting us on, forcing us to betray ourselves. And the most painful theme for open Emotional Center carriers is the desire to be good and comfortable for everyone. These people do everything to make sure that no one around them is offended or upset. Let everyone feel good. But only in an attempt to please their loved ones and even not very close people, they often completely forget about themselves. As a result, they accumulate emotional discomfort, and over time they may even begin to hate everyone around them, although in fact no one asked them to be good.

But much rarer is the story that the bearers of open emotion are greedy for the experience. And this is another trap of the Mind, which hooks into the rod of desire and hooks it, making it run in search of pleasure.

Carriers of an open Emotional Center love to experience, to suffer, to fill their lives with drama. It’s as if it’s impossible to live happily without experiences. Open Emotional Center and love suffering are almost the same things. Sometimes they associate relationship only with worry and nothing else. Love is pain and suffering. And if everything is going well, there is clearly something wrong. The carriers of open emotions are those who are willing to ruin their own lives just to get hurt.

Open Emotional Center and Love Suffering

Open emotions carriers are the ones who are willing to throw themselves into a whirl of passion, to betray themselves, to burn with desire, for the sake of feeling that need, the need for another person. They run, run, run towards romantic adventures, losing their head from desire and insisting that this is what they need and nothing else. They run, destroying their lives, blinded by their Mind, not hearing their Inner Authority, losing touch with their bodies and with reality. For right now they are filled to the brim with feelings and experiences. And if their partner happens to be the bearer of a certain Emotional Center, they fall into emotional dependence, and then their whole life turns into nothing but misery.

Before that they were asleep, and now their blood is boiling and bubbling, pouring out in crises, incomprehensible openness and intimacy with a complete stranger.

And in fact they only need to listen to their body, to understand what it wants and where it leads them. The body will never deceive. If you learn to recognize its signals, you will always find yourself in a correct relationship, with correct people. Moreover, by listening to your body, sooner or later you will realize that love and relationships don’t need suffering at all, that you can just live and enjoy life without trying to spoil your own happiness and without giving up harmony and peace of mind.

In fact, the most correct relationships are those in which harmony and tranquility dominate, not those in which suffering, pain and worry come first. But ignoring Strategy and Authority, the carriers of open Emotions do not understand this. They are blinded by passion and have difficulty making informed decisions.

Keep in touch with your body, feel your energy, and when making serious decisions, remember that passion comes and goes, and you are left with the consequences.

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