Are Human Design and Astrology very similar? What do they have in common? Can Human Design be considered part of the oldest science about planets and their impact on human life? At first glance, it may seem that Human Design is a kind of offshoot in astrology. Judge for yourself: both there and there the planets and their influence on earthly life play an important role. Depending on the position in which the celestial bodies were at the moment of our birth, we have the corresponding Bodygraph and the corresponding natal chart.

Human Design and Astrology

But the fact is that astrology has existed for about a hundred thousand years. And Human Design is just over thirty. Does this mean that Human Design can be called astrology of modern times? Let’s try to figure it out.

For what astrology is needed?

Since ancient times, astrology has been used as a complex of predictive practices. A natal chart is not only a portrait of a person, but also a description of events that may or may not occur in his life. In particular, astrology helps a person find answers to questions of interest. This is what the so-called horary psychology deals with. That is, a person comes to an astrologer with a specific question and he, not without the help of heavenly bodies and a natal chart, gives an answer to it.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, has this to say about this:

It would be fundamentally wrong to say that Human Design is part of Astrology or other Eastern teaching. Quite the opposite is true. It is he who is the very single whole that combines all the directions of esoteric knowledge that hitherto existed in our world. Everything that the Human Design matrix contains is real, there are no ephemeral concepts in it.

Thus, Human Design cannot be called a part of anything. Including astrology. On the contrary, it is a logical continuation of all disciplines that we knew about earlier. It follows from them and is a gigantic consolidator of ancient teachings, which to this day do not lose their relevance.

Why is Human Design different from astrology and other disciplines?

What is the fundamental difference between Human Design and all of the above disciplines? The fact is that only Human Design provides every person with a universal life tool. This tool is our Strategy . Our task is to learn to trust her, turn off the mind in time and delegate making important decisions to this very tool.

Astrology can answer the question. Can paint a psychological portrait. And even suggest how to work out a specific area of ​​life (finance, career, health, etc.). But it does not provide us with a unique tool that will be relevant in any life situation.

Perhaps this is the main feature of Human Design. In its availability and uniqueness. Everything that we need for a harmonious life is given to us by nature. We don’t need to invent anything. Everything is as simple as two and two. You just need to accept all this and stop resisting what cannot be changed in any way.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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