Strategy in Human Design as a whole is a kind of action plan, a set of rules that determines the response to a certain situation. Strategy in Human Design is a characteristic behavior, a technique of living I, a way of relationship with others, inherent to each Type. It is a method to use and align with your Authority.

Human Design Strategies by Type

Let’s briefly touch on each Type:

  • Manifestors are initiators who follow their own path and make their own decisions. Nobody can manage and control them. The strategy for the correct interaction with other Types is information, so resistance is reduced and the right influence is formed. Without informing Manifestoors put pressure on people, cause their resistance and negativity;
  • The strategy of responsiveness in Human Design is inherent in GeneratorsThese people are waiting for something to respond to. The manifestation of initiative, on the contrary, can cause frustration, since it is not characteristic of this Type. From the outside, behavior can be regarded as passivity, but it is not. The Manifesting Generator has to show more patience, too active a life position and a desire to pursue its goal can turn into pain and resistance;
  • We Projectors in Human Design strategy appears wait for an invitation. These people have energy for themselves, but not for others. Only by recognizing their merits, by being invited to become a guide, can they lead the energy of others. Projectors can clearly see what others need, but should not give answers until they are invited. Taking initiative and trying to be a guide without asking turns into bitterness and rejection;
  • An interesting strategy of the Reflectors is to wait out the Moon cycle (28 days) before making an important decision. Through living the lunar cycle, wisdom is revealed to these people and life resistance is eliminated. Haste is unacceptable for the Reflectors; it only leads to disappointment. Knowing his design, this Type can qualitatively change his life, adjusting to the requirements of reality and paying attention to himself.

The importance of knowing strategies in Human Design

Strategies govern your relationships with others and with the world in general. Our world does not allow reflectors to have enough time. Generators, looking at others, chase targets and take initiative. Manifestoors crush with their power. Projectors often go unrecognized. Who is happy about this?

Human Design not only introduces strategies, it allows you to recognize yourself and find your own way of reacting and building relationships.

Strategy in Human Design

Decoding will help you get your life back on track sooner. I will tell you not only about your strategy, but I will also help you connect it with many situations in life. I also give recommendations on the relationship with other types, which is important in everyday life.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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Type Signature
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