People with the Gate 25 of Self Spirit connect others with their truth through the manifestation of innocence and unconditional acceptance of the individuality of each, regardless of the circumstances.

From people with the Gate 25, the light of one, all-embracing, unconditional love emanates. They are able to deeply sympathize with all living things and at the same time it is not necessary to give preference to someone, to have a specific object of love. People with Gate 25 are looking for a burning, awakening excitement and courage from the side of Gate 51. Together with 51, they are exposed to life challenges, overcome the fears of their dissimilarity, not meeting the standard, and through this they open their heart and soul to accept what is.

Life initiates such people to discard all unnecessary, remove all masks and manifest in their nature 100%. Each new challenge only deepens their acceptance of what is, their innocence, all-acceptance and immediacy. And it looks more like the innocence of a sage than a baby.

Their actions are perfect due to a high degree of adaptation, cunning and spontaneity. In the Gate Self Spirit, love lives without boundaries and conditions. For them, a flower can be loved as deeply as a person. Transcendental, universal love may seem cold or detached to someone, since it has no personal orientation. For the Gate 25, all living things deserve love in equal measure. Wounds lead them to victory, make them tenacious, enrich their spirit.

Gate 25 Self Spirit Human Design

Harmonious to the 25th gate – 51 Gate Shock. The Shock Gate gives the 25th an impulse of determination and fearlessness, while evoking awe and excitement at the same time. Through the 51st, the Spirit is ignited.

Such a person is able to awaken his Spirit by accepting life’s shocking challenges and adapting to them. He is able to maintain his innocence and purity, to love unconditionally, regardless of the circumstances. Able to accept everything as it is, without judgment.

The Gate 25 of Self Spirit on the Map

The Gate 25 of Self Spirit is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about G Center here.

The Gate 25 and the Gate 51 together form Channel 25-51 Initiation. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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