What is conditionality in Human Design and how does it affect our behavior? Conditionality has long since become an integral part of our life. From early childhood, we get used to the patterns, patterns and stereotypes that our environment instills in us. We form a completely clear idea of ​​how it is possible and how it is impossible, what is good and what is bad, how to behave in society, and how at home, etc. As a result, throughout our life we ​​focus on the mass of no one the necessary prejudices and consider them correct. And we don’t even think about whether everything is really the way we were told about it.

The modern world is arranged in such a way that we all somehow live in the paradigm of conditionality. It is very difficult to completely uncondition, to free your head from false beliefs and stereotypes, but still possible. And Human Design can help very well with that.

Conditionality. How does it form

Very often, information from the outside instantly penetrates into the right hemisphere of our brain. It is responsible for the intuitive perception of events, as well as for our emotions. In this way, we absorb certain information on an emotional level. For example, from early childhood we were taught that being rich is good. We passed this recommendation through ourselves and were delighted.

After that, we went through life with the conviction that we must at all costs become rich and be able to afford any luxury. And when we achieve material success, then for some reason we do not experience either joy or satisfaction from this. Wealth does not bring us the happiness we desire. We become rich, but we remain unhappy.

Or there may be a different situation. We are trying with all our might to achieve material success and prosperity, but everything is not going according to plan. We set goals for ourselves, but we cannot achieve them. Because they turn out to be false and imposed on us from the outside. And all because a certain convention is formed in our consciousness, from which we cannot get rid of in any way.

Let’s see how this happens from the point of view of psychology. If from childhood we are taught this or that thing, gradually it becomes fixed in our consciousness. And in this way, we form certain neural connections.

Let’s say our parents tell us that money is the way to happiness. And we sincerely believe in this, because your parents are your authority. If they say so, then they are. In addition, while we are growing and gaining experience, we do not have the opportunity to test any statement in practice. We cannot be sure that money is the path to happiness or, on the contrary, disprove this theory. Therefore, we accept this setting and do not even try to pass it through our own internal filter.

 Conditionality in Human Design

Neutron bonds take years and decades to form. Can you get rid of them? Sure. Is it possible to replace all this with other neural connections: those that really suit us? Definitely. But it will take time.

Most importantly, there are working tools for each of us that can help us supplant old beliefs and neural connections and replace them with new ones. And when we try these tools in action, life becomes much easier. It’s about Strategy and Authority. It is Inner Authority that can help you determine which attitudes are correct for you and which are not. Listen to him and he will give you amazing clues!

Of course, conditionality won’t disappear in a few days. Get ready for long and hard work. Above all, treat it like a fun experiment!

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