What is Inner Authority in Human Design? This is the voice of your truth. It is customary to think that the Authority of our life is the Mind. The mind knows, its arguments are convincing, we are taught from childhood to be smart and are given examples. How often do we obey opinions, stereotypes and everything that we have been taught by saying that it is so necessary? How often in childhood have we compared ourselves to someone and carried this comparison into adulthood? Blind obedience to external beliefs often leads to frustration, so you need to learn to listen to your inner Authority. In Human Design, Inner Authority is our unique truth to help us do the right thing.

Inner Authority in Human Design

The concept of Authority is inextricably linked with strategies, the knowledge of which will help both in everyday life and in solving important issues. This is our inner course, following which we understand the true Self. Only by accepting the ways of making decisions inherent in us, our Mind is freed, becoming a witness of our life, our helper and External Authority for others. Thus, a person stops living someone else’s life, and begins to tune in with his own sacred geometry of uniqueness.

Types of Internal Authorities

  • Emotional Authority . 51% of the population has Inner Emotional Authority in Human Design, such people should wait for emotional clarity by following their feelings. But in fact, you often have to act according to the will of your mood, not trusting your true feelings. The point is to live the state that has arisen and allow it to mature, and not succumb to momentary impulses. Located in the solar plexus, this Center is responsible for awareness. Mood swings can be a real experiment and resource for self-exploration, anticipation, and response.
  • Sacral . This Center belongs to the Generators, it is with them that it is decisive. The Sacred Center is a motor that starts from the outside; the right reaction will always be a response. It is important to be able to feel it in the body, it can be expressed in deep sounds, in an energetic rise in a state of confidence. Simple “yes” or “no” refer to mental constructions and are a consequence of the work of the mind, be able to feel what is deeper. Inner Authority Sacral in Human Design is the most widespread and is determined by 70% of the population.
  • Splenic . This Center is related to the topic of safety and survival. The spleen is able to warn of danger and helps to act correctly. Alignment with the environment allows you to get around sharp corners in a split second. If the inner voice is ignored, situations occur from the kind: “Well, I knew that everything would be like this.” The less intelligence in making decisions, the more correct they are, spontaneity is important here.
  • Ego authority (A heart) . Ego-manifesting Authority is determined by the contentment of the Ego that they have been able to recognize. In this state, a person can influence and act without waiting for responses and invitations. If there is internal resistance, it is better not to go against yourself. Ego-projected Authority represents identity, the ability to feel in its place, to navigate in this world. It is important for these people to create “their own” circle where real perspectives can be seen and heard.
  • G (Authority I) . The key is to listen to what you have to say. Everything you need to know and keep in mind is in your speech. Discuss your thoughts with others and you will hear the answers to your own questions.
  • Environment. Quite a rare occurrence when your Inner Authority is absent. A person receives a direction from the environment, and the more correct it is, the better the state of health and the more correct decisions are made. To choose the environment you have to experiment and learn to understand physically – it is yours or not yours.
  • The moon Refers to Reflectors, whose feature is to wait for the lunar cycle before coming to awareness. Only respect for their cycles gives the Reflectors a sense of the fullness of life. Having realized this, they no longer allow others to specifically push and accelerate them. The willingness to answer comes in a feeling of a deep sense of confidence and rightness, only then the Reflector is able to respond in the right way for him and for the environment.

The Importance of Knowing Inner Authority

Behind this knowledge is hidden the whole nature of your development, reaction and movement forward. Many who have not come across Human Design are amazed at how everything actually happens, and that the inner “flair”, intuition are not collateral, but more often the determining factors.

Too much in the modern world is assigned to the mind, when our deep layers remain undiscovered. This article only sheds a little light on the magical uniqueness of man. An electronic transcript or consultation will help you better understand yourself, where we analyze your leading Authority and the peculiarities of its interaction with other elements of your card (Bodygraph). Allow yourself to discover the real truth about your inner authority and move in accordance with its true nature.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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