Immerse yourself in life experiences by following your Strategy and Authority, but do not create any expectations. As a result, you will understand that there are no defeats, there are only new discoveries.

Channel 29-46 Human Design Discovery Channel connects the Sacred Center with the Center G through the 29 Gate of Perseverance and 46 Gate of Determination.

29 Gates endow their owners with excellent quality – Obligation. The point lies in the fact that a person is able to fulfill their obligations without prejudice to their interests. Following their Strategy and Authority, the owners of Channel 29-46, like no other, can correctly prioritize.

Due to the 46 gates of Determination, a person can find positive and enjoyment even in the daily routine. Channel owners can enjoy banal simple things, rejoice at their little accomplishments and not be discouraged in case of failure. All this is an experience that is so valuable for the owner of the Channel of Discovery.

46 The gate connects our vehicle, that is, the body, with the energy of the Higher Self. Such a connection helps a person to be at the right time in the right place. Therefore, the Channel has the Design to succeed where others will fail.

Human Design with Discovery Channel 29-46

A person with a Channel of Discovery was born to get stuck in life and get lost in his experiences. This will continue until the experiments are over. Such a person must completely surrender to the process, otherwise he simply will not learn anything. For a person with a Channel of Discovery, it is extremely important to be able to be in the moment of his experience. The owner of Channel 29-64 realizes the meaning of the experience only at the end, so it is very important for him to get rid of any expectations and just live through the proposed scenario.

It is very important to enter the experience by following your Strategy and Inner Authority. If a person follows the correct path, then from any experience he will take out the maximum benefit and satisfaction. But, there is no need to try to keep everything under control, the main thing is no expectations, just here and now.

Channel 46-29 Human Design, Channel Discovery

Holders of the Discovery Channel are more likely than anyone else to always say yes. Such reliability is especially often manifested in those whose Channel is unconscious. With correctly lived experiences, a person can learn perfectly from his own mistakes, understanding what can be done and what cannot be repeated in any case.

29-46 Discovery Channel’s False Self

46 Gates play a key role in determining a person’s relationship to their body. This is where the False Self very often comes into play, which can manifest itself as emotional and physical indifference, cold, and vice versa. A person can plunge into such emotional passions that are already extreme.

This lifestyle tends to be uncomfortable and stressful. Stress is followed by a lot of accumulated, suppressed negative energy that grows into anger. Agree, there is little pleasant. The energy of an angry person is unlikely to attract something good into your life. As a result – disappointment, unwillingness to get close to people, frustration.

False Self 29 Gate manifests itself as the inability to say “no”, reliability and life to please other people’s interests and desires. As a result, a person takes on uninteresting tasks, overwhelming projects, goes on undesirable trips, which leads to complete disappointment and living the experience without any useful conclusion, and even more so satisfaction.

With this information, you can independently track the manifestations of the False Self and try to neutralize it.

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