You know your path exactly and go in the right direction. Channel 10-20 Human Design Awakening  Channel in Human design is especially sincere. Self-esteem and love of life are your engine.

This Channel connects as a link between the Ji Center, which is responsible for self-determination, love and life direction of a person, and the Throat Center, which is responsible for self-expression through speech and action. Communication occurs through the 10th Gate of Self Behavior and the 20th Gate of the Present. This channel has a Design of Commitment to the highest principles. In its correct manifestation, the Channel gives its owner confidence and tranquility in the present day, and does not allow to fall into anxiety and excitement about the future, which has not yet come.

10-20 Awakening Channel in Human Design Potential Description

Channel 10-20 is almost a leadership Channel. But leadership is not understood here in the usual sense. We can say that the owner of the Awakening Channel is a moral leader. If you live your Design correctly, you are full of wisdom, love for life and, as a result, love for yourself. This is very noticeable to others, which causes them respect, trust and some unconditional acceptance of you as a person.

The most interesting thing is that the owners of Channel 10-20 themselves rarely realize how important this Channel is in their Bodygraph. Such people are inclined to simply live in the moment, without thinking about the mechanism of further actions, as a rule, everything happens simply for them. Perhaps that is why it is a little easier for them than for the rest, they are given difficult and serious life decisions.

People with the Channel of Awakening are distinguished by the sincerity with which they approach the process of building relationships with other people. If the owner of the Channel does not receive sincerity in return and there is falsity in the relationship, he literally immediately recognizes it.

Self-esteem also sets the 10-20 person apart from others. Such a person loves himself. Here we are not talking about narcissism, but about the acceptance and recognition of all their manifestations, the acceptance of their uniqueness. A person with a Channel of Awakening is prone to self-expression in the format in which it is comfortable and necessary for him. As a rule, he is not subject to social patterns, stereotypes and rules.

Channel 10-20 Human Design, Channel Awakening

It should be noted that he and others will not interfere with self-determination and self-expression in any possible way, not prohibited by law. The owner of Channel 10-22 will most likely be the same parent who will not hang on their child social and professional labels from the category “graduated from university – work in your specialty”. Such ease, courage and permanent confidence in themselves and their choices helps people with the Channel of Awakening to move through life at a rather relaxed pace.

Everything goes well when a person acts in accordance with his Strategy and Inner Authority. In this case, no energy failures occur, the person accumulates his experience, wisdom and awareness, which leads him to a very high level of inner strength, which contributes to even greater survival in this world. Simply put, when the owner of the Awakening Channel is in the state of True Self, he is able to charge himself from himself.

False Self of 10-20 Awakening Channel

The owners of the Channel of Awakening have their own inner set of life rules. Getting into the state of the False Self, they begin to actively broadcast it to the masses, presenting their rules as the only possible truth. But, no matter how good these rules turn out to be, as you know, everyone has their own truth.

In the normal course of business, the owner of the Awakening Channel is a kind of spiritual leader for other people, they are interested in his position and listen to his opinion. But as soon as he begins to impose his opinion, it will immediately be perceived by others with hostility. Hence, the person himself receives dissatisfaction and disappointment.

In the False Self, calm and measured behavior is replaced by vanity and excessive activity. And the self-sufficiency of the owner of the Channel can be replaced by pliability and excessive flexibility.

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