Type: Projected.

Circuit: Individual group, Knowledge Circuit.

1-8 Inspiration Channel connects the G-Center with The Throat Center through the Gates of Expression (1) and Contribution (8).

The energy of the G-Center is responsible for self-identification and direction in life, for movement to the destination. The throat Center is the Center of transformation and self-expression. By connecting, they fill Channel 1-8 with creative energy that brings mutation and creates something that has never existed.

Creative Role Model Design.

Channel 1-8 talks about the impact on the world through the realization of the unique nature of identity. This influence occurs primarily through our own example.

People with a specific Channel 1-8 are an example of creative expression, inspire others to express their creativity. Able to motivate others and lead. But their goal is not to be a leader, their desire is to be recognized.

The Projected Channel.

It is important to remember that for the correct operation of the Channel and the full disclosure of its potential, it is necessary to choose the right time. It is impossible to plan to do something ingenious and completely new, it arises spontaneously. When there is a need to solve a problem, Channel 1-8 can truly show itself.

Therefore, to get a well-deserved recognition of its uniqueness, Channel 1-8 should be patient and wait for the right moment for self-expression. Show yourself only when a request is received from the environment.

Channel 1-8 Human Design, Channel Inspiration

The Circuit of Knowledge.

Channel 1-8 refers to the Knowledge Loop and brings about change. He brings mutational ideas that are not based on logic or even experience, and this is a great difficulty for the Channel’s carriers. Inspiration is spontaneous and is born out of a connection with Inner Authority. It is necessary not only to wait for the right moment, but also to defend the right of your idea to exist. You may have to make an effort to be heard in a world where everything is tied to logic.

The owners of a certain Channel 1-8 may lack social skills, they know who they are and do not want to prove anything to anyone, in modern society it may be difficult for them to defend themselves. But they are born to stand out from the crowd, it requires courage.


Like all Channels of the Individual Group of Contours, the Inspiration Channel is capable of falling into melancholy if no one pays attention to it. But it is precisely such periods that will bring great results if you engage in creative search at this time, rather than reflect on the meaning of life and the mortality of the world.

People with the Inspiration Channel often go into creativity, but they are needed not only there. If you are not a musician or artist, but work as an engineer or lawyer, it does not mean that you need to quit everything, because you do not live your own life.

People who are able to bring new things are needed in every area. It is easy to be an individual freak (relatively easy) if you are an artist, but what does it feel like if you are a State Duma deputy. But where certainly there are not enough new ideas and positive changes, it is in the state apparatus and economy.

Having Channel 1-8 is not so easy. You need to be strong and patient in order to wait for your time and believe that it will come. And do not give up when you are not recognized.

Inspiration Channel 1-8 has the energy to create uniqueness that cannot even be compared with, because there has never been anything like it. But you do not need to sit and wait for the moment of universal recognition to come; you should often look at simple and ordinary things, find inspiration in them.


Each element of the Design brings to life a person, both his strengths and weaknesses. By studying your card, you get the opportunity to understand your nature and, without resistance, help her correctly express herself.

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