Why is it important to love your Bodу? Human Design teaches us to work with the Body. All the basic information that this teaching provides us concerns the Body: its structure, the signals it gives us, etc. And here we can talk about the opposition of Body and Mind. The body tries to lead us along the path that is correct for us. It never deceives us, because it is simply not interested in it. It is at the same time with us. Its goal: to lead us to a happy, harmonious life. That is why it communicates with us on a regular basis. And if we feel it and trust everything that it tells us, we have a chance to find harmony and tranquility.

But our Mind has slightly different goals. He is trying to lead us along a path that is beneficial to him. And, if we are led by his persuasion, then, as a rule, subsequently we strongly regret certain decisions made.

Only one conclusion follows from this: we need to learn to listen to our body. After all, it is through him that we can feel our Strategy and Authority .

What is the main purpose of the Body

The body is our physical origin. And without it, the higher levels of our existence and knowledge of ourselves (the spiritual principle) are simply impossible. Our Body is our temple and we must take care of it regularly. We only live in this particular temple once. Why not do everything possible to make it beautiful and well-groomed, give us strength and energy?

Love your body

From the point of view of Human Design, the body is our vehicle. We are passengers in it. Note: these are passengers, not drivers. That is, we do not choose where to go. For this there is a Magnetic Monopole. It is he who attracts our vehicle to him and leads it along the road that is correct for us.

Almost nothing is required of us. Just relax, turn off the Mind and surrender to your own life. Well, and of course, make sure that our vehicle is in excellent shape: so that its engine works well, the cabin is clean, etc. Agree, it is much more pleasant to move through life in a good well-kept car than in a crumbling rattletrap … This is why it is so important to get your body checked regularly and give it what it asks for.

Thus, the main purpose of our body is our favorable, from a physical point of view, life. If our Body is in great shape, we have every chance of being in the right place at the right time.

What they say about the Body in other traditions

Ancient sages wrote about the Body and many modern authors continue to write about it (psychologists, coaches, yogis, etc.). Thus, for many centuries, people have realized its importance in our lives.

Take Osho for example. Here’s what he wrote about the Body:

You must accept the body, you must love the body, you must respect the body, you must be grateful to your body. Only then will you achieve a certain kind of wholeness, crystallization will take place, otherwise you will remain restless. And the body will not leave you so easily, even after hundreds of lives the battle will continue. You cannot conquer the body.

And it’s true: what is the point of struggling with our own Body, if we still live and live in it. After all, we are not trying to somehow overcome or alter the car in which we drive from home to work. It would be pretty stupid anyway. Every time we get into the car to move from point A to point B, it is better to bless both ourselves and her for a wonderful ride. Instead of complaining about how bad our car is and how unsuitable it serves us. It’s the same with the Body. Our task is not only to keep it fully functional, but also to bless it regularly.

Liz Burbo, a popular contemporary psychologist writer, said:

Listen to your body, your best friend on Earth.

And she, too, is absolutely right. The body, by its very nature, cannot be our enemy. It is our friend, best friend, which means that we can trust him unconditionally. Well, of course, we are simply obliged to support him.

The science of Ayurveda is based on bodily gradation. Depending on what type (dosha) our Body belongs to (kapha, pitta, vata), absolutely different energies can live in us. And based on this, we need to choose for ourselves not only physical activity and diet, but also a way of life. Just think: the gradation dividing bodies into three main types has spawned a whole science that is far from limited to the physical side of our life.

The problem is that in many religious traditions (in particular, in the Orthodox) the Body is considered perishable and sinful. The Bible says that we must first of all take care of our soul, rise above our physical nature. Many of us absorb this information from early childhood, as a result of which we form a neural connection between the Body and something negative. And in particular, this is where the rejection of one’s own Body arises, the inability to love it and take care of it. And without this, mental and spiritual development is hardly possible.

Self-love begins with love for your own Body. If we do not love our physical nature, then we will never be able to love the spiritual. Agree: if we do not accept the temple in which we live, we consider it unworthy, we can try to reach God as much as we like – he will hardly hear us.

How to Learn to accept your Body

To begin with, make it a rule for yourself: to regularly thank your Body for the fact that it serves you faithfully. Try to see only the best in him. You can get yourself a separate notebook in order to write thank you reviews for your Body. Write about why you love it and how wonderful it is. Believe me, the Body will feel your gratitude and your love and will definitely reciprocate you.

Love your body

Besides, it would be nice to keep him in good shape. Try to choose the kind of physical activity that would be optimal for you. It is advisable to do certain exercises every day and in the morning, immediately after waking up. Running might be right for you. Jogging energizes you, after it you feel great, you are ready to move mountains. Perfectly. So you are a happy person and you can start every morning with an invigorating run. Maybe yoga classes are more suitable for you. So why not start every morning with asanas (both dynamic and static)?

Well, and of course, it will not be superfluous to do meditations: even the most simple ones. From time to time, just close your eyes, try to minimize the flow of thoughts in your head, and concentrate completely on your inner physical sensations.

Of course, these are not all ways to build relationships with your own body. Perhaps you will come up with something of your own. The main thing is not to forget about your ultimate goal. And your ultimate goal is this: to accept your body and love it as it is. This will make it much easier for you to align with your Design and start trusting your Strategy and Authority.

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