Each Type has its own unique aura. What it is? In fact, it is a set of vibrational frequencies and vibrations that affect how others perceive us. Projector aura: focused and concentrated. Since the main task of this Type is to understand who is next to him and how he can direct the energy of his counterpart, he has to study for a very long time and carefully everyone with whom he deals: his behavior, talents, strengths and weaknesses, and for this requires focus and concentration. He simply cannot let his attention scatter in different directions. His goal is always specific and right in front of him. When communicating with the Projector, it is impossible not to feel it.

Projector Aura

When you are in close contact with this Type, you literally feel how his attention is concentrated on you. Yes, we know that the Projector penetrates very deeply into another person, focuses on him and absorbs everything that is in him. This mainly applies to Generators. The Generator and Projector pair is perhaps the most promising and harmonious in Human Design. However, it is a mistake to assume that the Projector Aura focuses on the Sacred Energy of the Generator. This is absolutely not the case! The Aura of the Projector focuses on the center of D, in which the Magnetic Monopole lives. And as a consequence, the Sacred Energy of the Generator can receive the correct direction for its practical application. But it all starts with the Magnetic Monopole.

What is Magnetic Monopole or how does it choose for us life directions?

Magnetic Monopole is our driver, who sets the trajectory of our life from the moment of birth to death, thereby attracting to us everything that should happen to us and helping us to avoid experience that is incorrect for us. Magnetic Monopole is literally connected with our life path and everything that should be on this path.

And it turns out that when we talk about the interaction of the Projector and the Generator, the Projector can consider what is inherent in the Generator’s trajectory. And ask a question that the Generator would never have thought of. And this is not due to the fact that the Projector senses the Sacred Energy of the Generator. It’s just that the Projector can get into the zone that is really connected with the direction of the energy Type. The projector seems to open the Generator’s eyes to those things that he has not seen before. And one single question asked by the Projector can radically change the life of the Generator.

Of course, this will be relevant only on condition that the Projector will follow its Strategy and give advice or ask questions to the Generator only if he asks him about it or if the situation is favorable for it. Otherwise, any guidance from the Projector will be perceived by the Generator as unsolicited advice and violation of personal boundaries.

Projectors’ questions can be incredible. Like a flash of insight, the origin of which cannot be explained logically. Like inspiration coming from somewhere above. Like something mystical and incredibly simple at the same time.

In this case, it does not matter at all whether the Ji center of the Projector or the Generator is defined or open. The zone of the Magnetic Monopole is much thinner than the dynamics of the work of the Centers.

And here’s one important thing about Projectors. When he focuses on another person and interacts with him, basically what begins to happen with his emotional and spiritual world: feelings, sensations, thoughts and experiences that arise inside – all this has nothing to do with the Projector and arises as a consequence of it focus on your counterpart. That is, it concerns the person with whom he interacts. In order not to be identified by other people’s feelings, the Projector must be very clearly aware of the mechanics of its concentration. Otherwise, he seems to take responsibility for someone else’s life, and this is a priori incorrect.

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