Today we’re going to talk about the Individual Circuit in Human Design. How does individuality Human Design work? First of all it is deaf to any external influence. Deafness is one of the key properties of individuality. You can tell it the same thing a hundred times and it won’t hear you. She will not hear you until she understands you. You can talk to her, you can try to convince her of something and even provide her with some evidence, but it won’t make any sense at all.

Individual Circuit Channel Bearers will be deaf to any knowledge. And as long as the knowledge does not come to him, his behavior will look rather strange from the outside. And when the individuality will understand, no one knows, and neither does he himself.

Individuality Human Design

Knowledge for Individuals comes in the moment, in the pulse, in a flash of sudden insight. It can happen at the most unexpected moment. And it cannot be predicted.

Consider an example. You work at a job that doesn’t suit you and that doesn’t bring you any joy. All your friends tell you that it is not your job and that you need to find some other business. But you don’t hear them. Because you don’t know it yet. You do not have that click inside, you do not know. So you stubbornly continue to work at a job that doesn’t suit you.

And then one day, all of a sudden, this epiphany happens. And you know for sure that your job is not good for you. Why does this knowledge come at the most unexpected moment? Why does it come at all? What is the point of it, if it is usually very untimely?

It’s better not to think about it. We can hardly find the answers to these questions. Anyway, the knowledge comes to the bearers of the Individual Circuit Channels when it has to come. Not earlier and not later. The most important thing to remember is that individual energy works in the pulse. Knowledge can both come and go and there is nothing you can do about it. And that’s neither good nor bad. The main thing: don’t try to control this process.

Besides, for the Individual, the Knowledge that happens relieves the inner tension and literally puts all the dots in the right place. This is one of its main advantages. It turns uncertainty into confidence. It clarifies the situation. Once Knowledge comes, all the disparate facts are easily glued together into a single picture. They are only confirmation of Knowledge and nothing else.

If you are dealing with a bearer of Individual Circuit Channels, you should by no means try to convince him of anything. It is practically impossible, for his deafness reliably protects him from outside influences. As long as the knowledge does not come to him, he will remain deaf to any arguments and words.

If you yourself are a bearer of such channels, try to respect your Inner Authority and do not try to learn something if the moment for that has not come yet. One way or another knowledge will come to you anyway. And then the pieces of the picture will fit into a single puzzle. Remember: your deafness works as a defense mechanism. It helps you stay in touch with yourself and filter the information coming from the outside world.

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