What is the Individual Circuit Human Design responsible for? First of all, for the processes of transformation, thanks to which we can remain ourselves and at the same time help other people and the world to transform into new forms, change and improve. The channels of the Individual Group of Circuits carry the ability to remain an individual: self-sufficient, confident and endowed with certain talents and at the same time be a full-fledged member of society.

An individual group of contours is an opportunity to inspire other people, serve as an example for them to follow, enhance in them those qualities that they might not even know existed. It goes through all Bodygraph Centers. This is how it differs from other groups. The collective group does not connect with the Ego, the Tribal group does not have connecting channels with the CrownAjna and G Centers . And this suggests that the individuality of each person is integral and determines many of his actions. Any global changes begin with internal changes affecting one specific individual.

The main role of individuals is to strengthen others by being an individual example of their uniqueness. It is this uniqueness that ensures the survival and improvement of the evolutionary system.

To be yourself means to become a model for others and by your shining example to change people’s lives for the better. In the Channels of the Individual Group of Circuits, the ability to initiate others is very important. One individual can push society and the whole world to change. And when there are millions of such individuals, we have a powerful synergy effect and, as a result, become direct participants in the global development of society, confidently striding into the future.

Individual Circuit Human Design

People who have defined Individual Group Channels often find it difficult to get along with society. They are often considered outsiders or freaks. Sometimes they are able to act unpredictably and from the outside it looks rather strange. Their proposals are not always met with approval (as they are new and unusual). That is why it is important for the owners of such Channels to learn to correctly explain their position and their initiatives, and sometimes wait for the right moment to voice their idea. Learning to explain will allow them to stop being outsiders and become leaders and guides who are valued and respected. It is very important that the carriers of the Channels and Gates of the Individual Circuit tell about their knowledge and insights, waiting for the corresponding request or invitation from other people.

An individual does everything primarily for himself: he sets himself global goals, achieves them, sets out his insights in writing, learns new skills, etc. And when he is busy with a personal process, he does not care about others. He is completely focused on himself and his internal processes. It’s normal for individuals to mope and yearn for inspiration.

Individual group is divided into two Circuits: the Stream of Knowledge and the Stream of Concentration.

Knowledge Stream

The Knowledge Stream is located along the perimeter of the Bodygraph. In fact, the flows of the Individual and Collective groups move along the same route (from one Center to another), but the Flow of Knowledge is a lonely traveler who does not strive to join a large group of travelers on this road. The collective is watching him, and if he can perceive the changes initiated by the lonely traveler, then they will join him. It is the individual who can find a new road along which the whole group will move in the future.

Now let’s look at the Knowledge Flow Channels.

Channel of Inspiration 1-8 – carries unique natural abilities and the ability to express yourself in a unique way.

Channel of Beat 2-14 – is responsible for the ability to feel new directions in creativity at work, as well as to support others and point them on the paths leading to their goals.

Channel of Mutation 3-60 – carries a deep realization of inner energy, in an innovative way and the ability to radically change the world.

Channel of Struggle 28-38 – symbolizes the struggle for their goals, the desire to fill life with meaning in the global sense of the word, the search for opportunities and new, by no means simple ways to achieve what was conceived.

Channel of Neural Wave 20-57 – is responsible for adapting to any environment with the help of intuition, as well as the ability to express your premonitions in the present moment and follow the inner voice.

Channel of Emoting 39-55 – The channel of the movement of an emotional wave, which carries frequent changes in mood and the ability to awaken feelings and emotions in those around them, the existence of which they could not even guess.

Channel of Openness 12-22 – carries a unique emotional self-expression and the ability to gracefully behave in society.

Channel of Structuring 43-23 – Channel for expressing unique thoughts and insights, the ability to adhere to one’s opinion, regardless of society.

Channel of Mindfulness 61-24 – is responsible for the endless search for truth and attempts to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, to find the missing puzzle, which will help to finally see the overall global picture.

Concentration Stream

It is a small Stream of an Individual group, consisting of only two Channels. Concentration in this case is understood as the ability to achieve what was conceived in your own unique way and completely focus your attention on it, without being distracted by unnecessary trifles.

Such people are reckless, impulsive, easily responsive to life. They easily manage to do what is correct for them, harness themselves into new and unusual adventures, constantly try themselves in one or the other, get to know this world in a practical way and concentrate on what is important at the moment. At the same time, the Channels of the Stream of Concentration are not connected to any of the Centers of Consciousness (which include the Spleen, Ajna, Solar Plexus). This means that their carriers always act spontaneously, at the moment making a decision to open a new page in life.

Channel of Initiation 51-25 – is responsible for competitiveness and competitiveness, as well as the initiation of rivalry in other people.

Research Channel 10-34 – responsible for the desire to explore something new, while not deviating from your inner beliefs, remaining satisfied with yourself and strengthening this feeling in others.

If you have Individual Group Channels, they will help you realize your true purpose and learn to apply energy in life that stimulates creativity not only in you, but also in other people.

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