In this article we will look at the concept of responsibility and how it can manifest itself in terms of Human Design.

What features of Design suggest that a person can be called responsible? What opennesses indicate that there may be problems with responsibility? And how to use one’s weaknesses to one’s advantage, transforming them into strengths?

All these questions will be answered in this article.

Responsibility from the point of view of Ego Center

Responsibility in Human Design is primarily the responsibility of Ego Center. It is the basis of our self-discipline, the ability to keep our promises, the ability to achieve our goals, the ability to value ourselves and have a healthy self-esteem.

If a person is good with self-discipline, he can be called responsible. If he is adequately able to assess his strengths, it is also difficult to deny him responsibility. Finally, if he can keep his promises, he can be called responsible.

As a rule, a person with good self-discipline, healthy self-esteem and who can adequately assess his strengths is a person with defined Ego Center. Such people most often appreciate their labor well, know exactly the price of their work and take only the work that they can really do.

If a person with defined Ego Center realizes that he can not pull some task, most likely, he will simply refuse it. And that’s why such people are more likely to make promises they can keep. And they keep their promises.

Responsibility in Human Design

Owners of defined Ego Center are in most cases clearly aware of their area of responsibility. This applies to both work and ordinary life.

For example, in work, a person with defined Ego Center is likely to perform only those tasks that fall within his area of responsibility and will not take on what is specified in the employment contract.

On the one hand, such behavior often makes others perceive him as lazy and not the most initiative worker. But on the other hand, he always performs his work clearly and on time. This means that he can be a good and responsible employee.

As for owners of open Ego Center, these people with responsibility may have problems. Why?

First of all, because they are far from always being able to adequately assess their strength. Sometimes it seems to them that their willpower is enough for everything and that they will be able to achieve the most ambitious goals. However, in fact, it often turns out that they overestimate themselves. As a result, they often make promises, which subsequently can not fulfill.

In addition, an owner of open Ego Center sometimes refuse interesting goals and tasks simply because of low self-esteem.

Very often the openness of Ego Center also negatively affects self-discipline. People with open Ego Center are going to do a lot of things during the course of a mass of things. They feel like they will get everything done in time. However, without a clear schedule, they often fail to accomplish even half of what they set out to do.

All this gives the people around them a reason to perceive them as irresponsible people.

This raises the question: can owners of open Ego Center increase their responsibility? Of course, they can. Moreover, responsibility is one of the most important qualities of a modern man, especially if he wants to live an interesting and rich life.

Responsible people are much more willing to enter into relationships. And both in personal and business. Responsible people are much more often involved in interesting tasks and projects. Finally, with responsible people are much more willing to make long-term deals.

This means that carriers of uncertain Ego not only can, but also need to work with responsibility.

And there are several effective methods for this purpose.

How an owner of open Ego Center can increase responsibility

To begin with, an owner of open Ego Center should accept the fact that they may have problems with responsibility. It is part of their nature that they should love and respect. Working with responsibility should be done from a state of love and acceptance. But never out of a desire to be better or to assign qualities to oneself that are not really there.

Also, an owner of open Ego Center should learn to adequately assess their own strengths. How exactly? First of all, he should always leave himself room for maneuver.

For example, if he is offered to take on a new project, to the proposed deadline he should add a few days or hours (depending on the situation).

In addition, an owner of open Ego Center should not take on tasks that initially cause him doubts. It is better to take up only what he is sure of. In this way he will have less chance to show himself as an irresponsible person.

Finally, an owner of open Ego Center should make a clear schedule for himself every day. This way he will have less chance of missing important tasks. In addition, the schedule itself promotes responsibility. After all, if there is a certain task in your diary, you undertake to fulfill it. If you don’t fulfill it, you’ll think next time whether it’s worth taking on so much.

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