What is purposefulness in Human Design? And what is purposefulness in everyday life? In short, it is a person’s ability to set goals and achieve them despite external obstacles and the opinions of others. How does purposefulness manifest itself in terms of Human Design?

It is fashionable to be single-minded nowadays. There are hundreds and even thousands of seminars and trainings dedicated to the art of achieving your goals and not giving up in the face of difficulties. Each coach energizes the audience in his own way, shares his secret methods and techniques. Can such activities be useful and contribute to the pumping of purposefulness? Of course they can. But the result will largely depend not only on your motivation, but also on the characteristics of your nature, namely on what your Bodygraph is talking about.

Purposefulness in Human Design

In this article, we will look at purposefulness using the example of Ego Center. It is he who is responsible for our strength and ability to achieve our goal and implement our plans.

Depending on whether your Ego Center is defined or open, completely different rules and laws will apply for you with regard to the ability to achieve your goals and translate your ideas into reality.

Let’s start with an undefined Ego Center. How to be purposeful, confidently go through life and achieve your goal if the Ego Center is not defined in your Bodygraph?

Open Ego Center: how to be purposeful

So, in your Bodygraph, the Ego Center is not defined. It is not defined in the majority of the population (70%). And all these people need to somehow exist in the material world on a par with those with a defined Ego Center.

The fact is that upon closer examination it may seem that a person with an indefinite Ego Center initially has less potential to achieve his goals in comparison with the owners of certain Ego Centers. In fact, this is not the case. Those whose Ego Center is not defined can also be purposeful and get their way. Implement your plans, feel yourself successful and accomplished individuals. But the fact is that for them it will happen in a natural and uncontrollable way.

In other words, a person with an indefinite Ego Center should not set clear and specific goals for himself, and even more so in advance to think over a strategy, paint a plan of action, etc. All this is clearly not for him. Of course, he should prioritize and outline possible and desired achievements and victories for himself. However, he must always leave room for himself to maneuver. After all, it is possible that in the end his goal will turn out to be completely different, not at all the one that he outlined for himself in the beginning. And sometimes he doesn’t need to set himself any goal at all. It is enough to do what the Inner Authority tells him to do and follow his Strategy. And then the goal will arise by itself.

People with an indefinite Ego Center are categorically unsuitable for training on working out purposefulness. Standard methods, affirmations, pumping inner confidence, etc., are clearly not for them. Their task: to develop their own personal way to achieve goals. But to do this not consciously, from the Mind, but in a natural and native way, listening to yourself and to your feelings.

Moreover, people with a specific Ego Center should not make plans. Even for the next day. If they make for themselves a list of what needs to be done during the day, then most likely half of the tasks will remain behind the scenes, they will not have time for something, they will refuse something, etc. And all this will greatly undermine them purposefulness.

But people with a certain Ego Center have a completely different situation. It is very helpful for them to set goals for themselves. Both banal, for every day, and global, for the future.

A Defined Ego Center: how to be purposeful

People with a specific Ego Center need to think through everything in advance. And be sure to set goals for yourself. If a person does not set a goal for himself, then someone else will. And in this case, a certain Ego Center can play a cruel joke with its carrier. Since the latter will be involved in achieving goals that are by no means correct for him.

That is why a person with a certain Ego Center, before embarking on active actions, must definitely check his goal for truth. Ask yourself if he really wants to achieve his intended goal. Or someone else wants it.

Unlike the carriers of an indefinite Ego Center, the one who has this Center can safely develop plans for the future and make lists of priority tasks for the next day, week or month. Such rituals will only strengthen his sense of purpose and inspire him to set new goals for himself.


As you can see, absolutely everyone can be purposeful. Simply, depending on the certainty or openness of the Ego Center, we will manifest this quality in different ways. And this is the main charm of human nature. That there is no universal recipe for happiness or success. Everyone can be happy. In your own unique and inimitable way.

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