Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 4/6 shows up in business life. What is Profile 4/6 in business?

You’re a shrewd observer, but you spend too much time squabbling between your head and your heart. Someday you will find balance, and the combined wisdom of these two organs will point you in the right direction. It will be a great victory not only for you, but also for those around you.

When new professional opportunities open up to you, you immediately pioneer, try not to miss anything. The result is impressive. The column headed by you successfully moves in the direction of new, delightful horizons. It is under your keen guidance that a new business or project can be born.

Due to the fact that you are very friendly and almost always look at the world in a positive way, you build a network of reliable and trusted people around you that you can influence. When you come into a new team, people are drawn to you, make friends with you, want to be your friend. True, not everyone does. In any team will be those who are ready to support you, and those who can not enter into a close relationship with you. Your task: to learn to be loyal to both the first and the second category of people. Otherwise you may be reputed as a cruel person and from your friendliness will not remain a trace.

If you live your Design correctly, you radiate heartfelt warmth and soulful wisdom in your interactions with any colleagues. Your social skills are exceptional. You are willing to work with any audience. If the audience accepts you, you feel just fine. You capture attention, give wisdom, and entertain at the same time. You bring knowledge to people. You’re climbing a mountain, and students are seated around you, ready to listen to your parables and teachings.

Profile 4/6 in business

In this regard, you would do well in a teaching, coaching, or mentoring position. Your ability to be a mentor begins to be especially pronounced in the second half of life, when you begin to give back what you have learned yourself. But keep in mind that your circle of influence will be limited in any case.

It is important that the group of like-minded people around you (colleagues, business partners) constantly grow. You want others to succeed in life the same way you do. You are a compassionate philanthropist. You have an open heart. You enjoy the harmony of intimacy and togetherness. The key concepts for you are teamwork and spiritual unity. At the same time, there is a note of uncertainty in this desire. You’re always a little hesitant about whether you personally need it all. This makes you eager to not only organize, but to lead. You are willing to carry optimism and hope to the team, but only from the top of the hill. You can see better from there.

You are an ideal ally, sponsor or consultant. Your aura reeks of imperial grandeur. The irony is that even at the highest altitude you have innate fears. You would like to bring high ideals into the world. Indeed, the lofty dreams of the 6th Line combined with the adventurism of the 4th Line create a strong dynamic. It can have a real impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

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Study your Design and manifest yourself both in ordinary life and in business!

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