What is Mental Inspiration in Human Design? First of all, this is a burning desire to ask questions and find answers to them. Moreover, the questions can relate to absolutely any area. Of course, most often they boil down to something of a global type: how the world works, what is the human psyche, why everything is interconnected in nature, why someone is happy and someone is not, etc. But by and large these questions may relate to some commonplace household items. Mental inspiration can prompt us to take apart a household appliance to understand how it works. Or arrange a small chemical experiment at home. 

Mental inspiration can be incredibly beautiful. As well as creative inspiration. In this state, we become extremely inquisitive, positive, charismatic. We are drawn to new knowledge, we want to learn something new, to solve riddles that haunt us. But where there is inspiration, there is usually always room for pressure. Pressures do not just get an answer to your question, but do it as soon as possible and in any way possible. Mental inspiration can reach critical limits at times. And in this case, our Mind begins to control us: it interferes in our life, and now we forget about the banal everyday joys and become obsessed with this or that idea.  

Mental inspiration in Human Design

The point is that sometimes the question is valuable on its own. Even if there is no answer to it. In the same way, not every idea should be embodied in any specific action. Sometimes an idea is just an idea. And for people who are visited by mental inspiration, it is very important to be aware of this. 

Technically, mental inspiration comes from Crown Center. This is the exact place where questions and ideas originate.

About Crown Center 

For most of the people, namely 70% of the population, Crown Center is open. Such people do not have constant pressure to ask questions. Thus, only 30% of people are born to have a very steady focus on the thought process in their heads. And if a certain task arises in their head, then they are able to think about this task for a very long time and very steadily, until at some point the solution to this task comes: like a sudden flash of insight. 

Of course, thanks to this steady focus, such people have enormous mental potential. These minds are created in order not only to solve banal life tasks, but also to think about global meanings. Life, relationships, etc. It is very important for such minds to solve some global problems, which sometimes go far beyond the solution of everyday issues.

It is very important to remember that if you have Crown Center defined, you need to direct your mental energy, first of all, to reflections, which you can later share with society. Sometimes you need to unite with someone to find answers to your questions…. But the main thing: when an insight comes to you and you realize something very important, do not rush to transfer it to your life. Better write an article about it. Or post on your personal blog. Your insights can indeed be enormously important for the future of an entire society. But for the society to realize the full importance of your thoughts, time must pass. Do not hurry. Use your mental inspiration for peaceful purposes.   

Sometimes it’s important for you to just sit and think. Put together an important puzzle in your head. Solve an important problem. Solve the mystery. Build another theory. Remember: everything that develops in your mind is very important. And your task: to give the process of thinking due attention and time in your life. But try not to think about where this will lead. Maybe you can solve the riddle. Or maybe you don’t. The result in this case is not so important. Have fun with the process. And enjoy moments of inspiration! 

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