It is natural for a person to ask questions: What is the meaning of life? What is my calling? How to find out your destiny? So how can you know your purpose in life?

Throughout history, people have looked for answers to them outside of their usual existence. Therefore, they observed the celestial bodies, recorded their movement and correlated the time of birth of a person with the position of the luminaries. Most have heard of the Star of Bethlehem, which indicated to the Magi the place and time of Jesus’ appearance. But that was 2000 years ago. Already in those days, people determined the destination by date of birth.

Zodiac signs, numerology, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Western astrology have existed for tens of centuries. All this time, they were attacked by official science, but they easily survived and none have yet been refuted. The scientific approach itself does not know how to decipher the date of birth and suggests using it only to determine age, but this does not satisfy the person’s need for self-knowledge.

How can you know your purpose in life

Human Design which emerged at the end of the 20th century, was able to combine the experience accumulated over centuries of astrology, the Indian chakra system, the Chinese I Ching Book of Changes, Jewish Kabbalah and modern sciences such as physics and genetics. Human Design combines ancient systems of knowledge and supplements them with scientific developments in order to reveal the purpose of a person and the essence of the date of birth.

How can you know your purpose in life

Date of birth transcript

In Human Design, according to your data, you can build a Rave card in the center, which contains the Bodygraph. There are 9 energy centers inside the Bodygraph, each of which reflects the possible potential of a person and is a reference to the chakra system.

The energy centers are connected by a network of 36 channels, which corresponds to the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. Also in the centers are the Gates, of which there are only 64 and this corresponds to 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and 64 codons of the genetic code of DNA. The gate reflects the potential of certain talents that can be manifested in a person to a greater or lesser extent.

The bodygraph is surrounded by a Mandala, the outer circle of which consists of 64 hexagrams, and the inner circle of 12 zodiac signs. Human Design uses the classic astrological calculation based on the date of birth, but also takes into account the time 89 days before it. These two calculations reflect the conscious and subconscious manifestation of qualities in a person.

Search destinations

As already mentioned, the search for purpose, meaning of life and destiny is the aspirations of people throughout history. A person wants to find his own path and can do it either by studying the outer space, or by plunging into his own inner “I”, where much more joy and pleasure can be found.

Everyone walks one of these paths, consciously or unconsciously. It is laid down by nature so that first we learn from our parents, repeating after them, so we begin to walk and talk. But at the same time we absorb how we should live and who to be. As we grow up, parental authority weakens and we look for teachers, masters and gurus. There is nothing wrong with this – it is a natural process of development through imitation.

But many people come to a moment when they get bored of walking in other people’s costumes and saying the answers said by other people. A person no longer wants to see himself only through reflection in others and begins to pay attention to the depths of himself. He listens to his desires, feelings and thoughts, as if trying to get to know himself for the first time.

What does Human Design calculation give?

However, not everything is so simple, because the True “I” can be hidden behind the attitudes, patterns and fears of the mind, which does its best to ensure our survival. You have to give it credit, the mind is doing its job very well since you are reading this text. But he’s not particularly interested in chasing destiny and making us happy.

In Human Design, mind games are the theme of the False Self. And the True “I” is encrypted in our body, which at the moment of its birth fell under the “radiation” of the Universe. This has activated certain Gates and Channels in each of us, which are shown in the Bodygraph (in your Rave card). Knowing our Design, we, as it were, receive instructions from the manufacturer to ourselves.

The map that you can build online for free reflects the qualities and energies you manifest in you. This will allow you to find something that is characteristic of your personality and is not determined by stereotypes, fears or public opinion. In the Rave Map, you will learn about your vulnerabilities and those of your abilities and qualities that must be expressed by you. This is the understanding of your mission.

How can you know your purpose in life

Purpose is not a profession

It is worth noting that Human Design will not be able to answer the question: who will you become? An astronaut or a lawyer. You will have to solve this problem on your own, but Design can tell you what qualities you can rely on, in what conditions you are more productive, how to make the right decisions for you, never regret them and find your purpose.

If you have a penchant for creativity, then you do not have to be an actor; it is quite possible to use your talents as a teacher, acting out historical events with students in the lesson. Having an interest in logic does not mean being a good engineer, it is quite possible that you will write detective stories in which it will not be clear until the very end who the criminal is.

Human Design is not about who to be, but about how to make a choice based on your inner Authority, how to hear the voice of the True Self among the rational arguments of the mind, and how to find happiness by living yourself.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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