If you want to start learning Human Design, then the first thing you must understand is not a set of hard and fast rules for your life. There is no absolute opinion on how to act in a given situation, suitable for everyone. Instead, I offer you an opportunity that will give you a choice. It may affect your life, or it may not be correct for you at all – but it is also good to know for yourself. And Human Design as a lifestyle is a really good thing.

Many of those I know have noticed that after starting to study Design, their lives have changed. The changes can be painful, they can be unpleasant – but they necessarily affect the person. This teaching did not make them enlightened monks striving for asceticism. But it helped them understand who they really are in this world, what motives inspire them to take action.

Human Design is able to reveal to you the most wonderful truth in our world. The truth that each person is a separate universe, with its own laws and inner world. There are no rules that apply to everyone at once. There are no laws on how people “should” behave. But each of us is endowed with the same opportunity to realize ourselves, and nothing should hinder this process!

The most frequent question that I hear is: “What will I get from this?” For some reason, many believe that this science will help them solve their problems in life … But I want to tell you: if you are waiting for some kind of reward for this, you can not waste your time. Design helps a person to come to a deep understanding of their own “I” and learn to live in accordance with their needs. The changes you are going to go through may not necessarily satisfy your desires. But perhaps it is your mistake that you took the thought imposed by someone as your desire and now you yourself are striving to realize it with all your might, without really understanding why.


We are all born in the same world, and of course we will have to coexist with each other. Each of us eats, goes to work, has children, finds friends, builds a family … Questions about our own life, about whether the right direction is chosen – torment each of us, there is no getting away from this. Life always presents us with challenges and difficulties – but the question is, who are we in all this?


Human Design as a lifestyle


Ask a person who he is, and you are unlikely to get the right answer from him … Profession, status, citizenship – all these are labels that people put on for convenience. The true role of our consciousness is not at all to limit ourselves to human concepts. Consciousness exists simply to coexist with us in one body, playing the role of a passenger and an observer. This is the main lesson of Human Design. This is the true enjoyment of life. Letting go of the reins and allowing yourself to simply “be” in the here and now is a journey that takes courage.

Human Design

The experience of living your own Design leads to a state when you begin to understand yourself. Sooner or later, you will begin to approach the state when you realize that the body has always chosen by itself what you will do and how you will do it. All this time you only struck up meaningless conflicts with yourself, trying to control yourself with your Mind.

Life itself flows through you, and you only need to submit to its flow. By saying this, I do not mean at all that you just have to stop moving and just wait. No, each of us is unique, and the way we solve problems is different for everyone. Some devote their lives to the struggle for power, others think only of family happiness. Someone spends time alone, while the other cannot live without someone else’s attention. Everyone has their own path, but there is one general rule. Stop doing it because “you have to” and feel what you “want” to do.

Human Design as a lifestyle

Human design is a unique tool with which you will find out what your true personality is and what kind of person you really are. Awareness of your inner nature is necessary to make the right decisions for you. If you are interested in Design, you can subscribe to the specialized mailing list below or immediately purchase yourself an electronic transcript of your Rave card.

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