Many of us are doing our best to improve ourselves. Get rid of bad habits and negative qualities, reach a new level of consciousness, master exceptional skills, improve relationships with loved ones, etc. There can be dozens or even hundreds of points in a plan for self-improvement. And we all, to one degree or another, are engaged in the now fashionable work on ourselves. In particular, someone is working hard to increase concentration and attention. Why? Obviously, because the ability to concentrate on one topic for a long time and to study certain issues with increased attention is an integral part. effective and efficient work. And not only in business, but also in everyday life. 

Let’s say you want to clean up your house. If you focus only on this, direct all your attention there, then you will achieve the desired result much faster. It’s the same with work. For example, you need to write a working report. If you concentrate on this completely and completely and will not be distracted by extraneous trifles, you will be able to show efficiency and cope with the task in the shortest possible time. 

Or, for example, you decide to study a topic that you have never studied before. As long as you give this new activity all your attention and concentration, the results will be great. But as soon as you start scattering your attention left and right, the situation can change dramatically, and not for the better. In any case, it is generally accepted. But is it really so? Let’s try to figure it out. 

Increase concentration

Technically, Crown Center is responsible for our ability to concentrate, at least from an intellectual point of view. This is where ideas and inspiration are born in order to explore new topics and seek answers to questions. 

The Ability to Concentrate on the Example of Crown Center 

Depending on whether Crown Center is defined in our Bodygraph, we can have one or another degree of attention and concentration. Generally speaking, people with a specific Crown Center are much more inclined to focus on the same topic for a long time. When they begin to study a certain issue, then all their attention will be completely concentrated on it. They will be carried away by this process and their thoughts will not even be distracted by something else.

But for people with an open Crown Center, it is rather difficult to keep their attention on one thing for a long time. Is it worth it to somehow try to rectify this situation? Definitely not! And it’s hardly possible. After all, the main rule that Human Design teaches us is that attempts to correct, transfer ourselves and go against our own nature will not lead to anything good.   

This means that people with an open Partial Center are left with one thing: to learn to enjoy their mental impermanence and the variety of their interests. Concentrate on a specific topic for as long as it is of interest to them. And then boldly switch to another. And in no case should you try to forcibly hold your attention on something.

As you can see, Human Design explains many features of human nature and affects almost all areas of our life. Explore your Bodygraph and enjoy your true nature in all its manifestations!

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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