What role plays gender in Human Design? Have you ever thought about this? And in general, what is gender? Where did this concept come from?

Gender is a spectrum of characteristics related to masculinity or femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics can include social structures or gender identity.

Thus, the concept of gender implies the sex of a person, as well as the social stereotypes that follow from this. In modern society, there are many opinions about what a man should be and what a woman should be. How each of them should behave. What principles to adhere to. What rules to follow. What functions to perform in the family, and what in society. There are a lot of such stereotypes. But the problem is that most of the stereotypes come from the False Self. Our mind imposes on us different ideas about how it should be. And we consider these ideas to be the only correct ones. And when they acquire a public scale, the effect becomes uncontrollable.

How to get rid of the public False Self? That’s a very difficult question. And here it is not enough to follow Strategy and Authority. It may take decades or even centuries before a society gets rid of certain stereotypes. But we can go to a new life slowly, in small steps. And this also applies to getting rid of gender stereotypes.

Gender in Human Design

In fact, our Bodygraph has no gender. Yes, we come to this world in a male or female body. And this cannot but affect our nature, our behavior and perception of the world. But in the Bodygraph itself, our gender is not displayed in any way.

Bodygraph and sex

A man’s Bodygraph is no different from a woman’s Bodygraph. And there are no such Channels that can be activated only in men, or such Gates that can only be present in the Bodygraph of a woman. In the same way, there is no statistical data on which Centers are more often defined in women and which in men.

Hence, the conclusion follows: our Design and our gender, let alone gender, do not correlate with each other. Therefore, our task is to learn to live our nature regardless of social norms and beliefs. Moreover, the masculine and feminine principles are in each of us.

Male and female principles

From the point of view of psychoenergetics, a man should have 80% male energy and 20% female. In a woman, respectively, on the contrary, 80% of female energy and 20% of male energy should be. There is a masculine and feminine principle in everything. And they have always been and will be interconnected.

There are situations in which a woman is forced to show masculine qualities. And it also happens that a man under certain circumstances behaves like a woman and all this is within the normal range.


What is the conclusion from this? Such that the Design of each of us cannot be good or bad. Just like none of us should correspond to one or another stereotype, including gender. We came to this world to rejoice, not to analyze.

If you exclude all stereotypes and patterns from gender, the biological sex will remain. If we exclude all this from human life, the lightness of being, joy and happiness will remain. And without this it is very difficult to be yourself.  

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