Let’s talk about G Center and direction.

The Design of Man contains not only esoteric knowledge such as the interaction of Auras, the influence of lunar cycles, etc. It also presents some of the simplest, yet most important questions in the life of each individual – where to be, what to do, and who to surround oneself with. It is on these three whales that the whole science of Design is built, and it is behind this that we begin to learn to follow our Strategy and Authority and make other changes in life. We need to become attuned to the path we are meant to follow and go through exactly the experience we are predisposed to from birth. Otherwise there will be suffering, apathy, lack of goals, desires and motivation in life.

If you remove all romanticism from life, our whole existence is simply a movement from point A to point B. We move from one job to another, meet some people and say goodbye to others, live here and there, and so on endlessly, until death. But depending on our surroundings we can be either happy or unhappy – our environment has an incredible influence on how we feel in the world. And if we accidentally or intentionally wander into a place where we don’t belong, it’s natural that we will feel out of place.

But then the question arises – how do we determine what really suits us? Most people are used to relying blindly on their Mind on this question. It will always find a reason why it should be this way and not that way, and a thousand justifications for its logic. That is why the vast majority of people waste their lives in jobs they don’t like, among people they hate, in places that make them sick. What is the error of such thinking?

As a rule, the G Center is responsible for finding directions in life. Those who have it defined are able to determine their priorities in life and the right direction for themselves from the very beginning. And they do it not through Mind, but through absolute trust in their Authority and Strategy. After all, it is very common when even having a certain G Center a person gets lost in life, falling into the trap of the False Self and trying to achieve what has been imposed on him from the outside.

It is quite a different situation when a person’s G Center is undefined in the Bodygraph. Then the quality of his life will depend 100% on the environment in which he finds himself. He will have to be ready at once that his values and interests will be the same as those of people from his immediate circle. Therefore, if the G Center is not defined, you need to choose your friends very, very carefully, for what they will be, so will you.

G Center and direction

But both of these categories of people are equally vulnerable to the influence of the False Self in their lives. For rather than surrendering to fate, humbly trusting in their own Strategy and Authority, people generally prefer to live from the Mind, trusting it to make all the most important decisions. It is important to understand the fundamental difference. If life is commanded by Mind, it becomes pragmatic, dry and logical, without any colors. No one is saying that there will be absolutely no happiness in it – little joys will still slip in. But it’s nothing compared to when you’re living up to your full potential at 100% and doing what you’re predisposed to and what your heart is for.

So if you’re curious about what you want to do in life, you should start by studying your Bodygraph. And it is worth paying special attention to the issue of open and defined Centers – if your G Center is defined, then through Strategy and Authority (not through Mind!) you will be able to find the right path. If this Center is open, then Strategy and Authority will direct you to the right people, in whose company you will be able to manifest your best qualities.

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