What is energy addiction from the point of view of Human Design?

First of all, let’s remember what energy is. It is essentially the basic life force with which we do various things. Energy is what life is all about. If a person does not have energy, he cannot live a full life. However, from the point of view of Human Design, this is not quite true. As we remember, all Types are divided into energetic and non-energetic Types. Energetic Types include Generators and Manifesting Generators. These are the ones who have their own energy and also great stamina in their work. But there are also non-energetic Types: Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. These people have a much lower stamina initially.

The energetic Types have a defined Sacral Center. It is the main and practically uninterrupted source of energy and vitality. If a person uses his energy correctly and always and in everything listens to his inner response, his energy reserves are quickly replenished and he can do what brings him satisfaction practically without interruptions.

But how then do the non-energetic Types live?

Most often they borrow energy from the bearers of a certain Sacral. Near such people they feel a burst of strength and are ready to work hard and persistently. But as soon as they remain alone, their strength leaves them.

Especially brightly it can be manifested in the work.

Suppose an owner of an indefinite Sacral Center works in an office. Surely, in his team most of the employees have a certain Sacral Center. And when he comes to the collective, he immediately begins to work and sometimes even works more than all the others. And then some day he works from home where he is alone. In this case he may feel a decline of strength and does much less in a day than he usually manages when he is in the office.

Energy addiction in Human Design

Thus, the bearer of an undefined Sacral Center can unwittingly fall into energetic dependence on those who have a defined Sacral Center. Is it good or bad? There is no unambiguous answer to this question. In fact, there is nothing bad and nothing good in the Design of Man. Each feature of the Design has its own meaning, its own disadvantages and advantages.

The most important thing is that the bearer of indefinite Sacral understands its peculiarities and does not turn into an inveterate workaholic. In this case, the so-called energy dependence will not be perceived as something terrible.

But it often happens that carriers of indefinite Sacral Centers begin to work as much as carriers of definite ones. Simply because you have to meet certain requirements. And if you work in a team and at the same time perform less than the majority of employees, it negatively affects your reputation. You’re not trusted with important tasks, you don’t get bonuses and other perks.
How to be in this situation?

There are certain rules that the bearers of an indefinite Sacral Center should adhere to, especially when it comes to work.

How an owner of open Sacral Center can cope with energy addiction

Try to get accustomed to your individual schedule.

Of course, if a person works in a collective, this can be difficult. As a rule, each employee has to work a certain number of hours. Nevertheless, if you have an undefined Sacral Center and you work to exhaustion, sooner or later it can lead to health problems. Especially if you take into account that an indefinite Sacral Center does not allow you to feel the moment when it is enough to work and it is time to stop.

So try to take breaks as often as possible, do not neglect your lunch break. And most importantly, do not forget to listen to yourself and your feelings. Ask yourself more often if you still have strength or if it is better to take a break.

Don’t forget that you have Strategy and Authority. It is these two tools that will help you understand how you feel and what your energy reserves really are.

Do not work after hours.

For Generators and Manifesting Generators, after-hours work may not be a big deal. But if we are talking about non-energetic Types, it is best to leave them as much time for rest as possible. The main thing is not to think that someone will find you not hard-working enough. Health is much more valuable than reputation.

Try to replenish your resource on a regular basis.

How is the replenishment of a resource done? If we are talking about carriers of a certain Sacral, then everything is as simple as possible with them. They respond to a certain work (or relationship), get satisfaction from what they do, and in this case their resource replenishes itself. Of course, they need to rest and take breaks from their work too. However, if they follow their nature, their resource replenishes itself quite quickly and they don’t need to do anything on purpose.

But if you have an undefined Sacral Center, the situation is a bit more complicated. In order to restore your resource, as a rule, you have to make certain efforts. In particular, you should do as often as possible what gives you pleasure and fills you from inside. For everyone, such activities are individual.

For example, someone is filled with reading books, and someone likes walking in the woods. Someone feels a burst of energy after a good jog, and someone on the contrary after meditation, massage and other relaxing procedures. Try to find at least two or three activities that make you feel full and energized and devote at least thirty minutes a day to them.

For example, if reading books fills you up, make it a rule to read for at least thirty minutes of absolute elongation every day after work, before starting to do household chores.

Make not only a work schedule, but also a vacation schedule.

Try to think in advance about how you will relax: where you will go, what you will do, what books you will read, what movies you will watch, etc. If you are planning a vacation, try to fill it as much as possible with interesting events, trips and relaxing procedures.

Spend more time alone with yourself.

If you work for yourself or remotely, it will not be difficult for you. But if you work in a team and go to the office every day, you unwittingly fall into the field of people with a certain Saсral. And these people create an illusion in you, as if you have a lot of energy and you start working contrary to your own feelings, which you simply ignore.

In this case you just need to go somewhere private from time to time. Find yourself a cozy corner (in a rest room, for example) and stay there alone with yourself about once every two hours. This way you will be able to listen to your sensations and feel whether you are tired or not.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with energy dependence. If you have an undefined Sacral Center, you just need to follow certain rules. Then you will be able to live a happy and fulfilled life and you will have available resources for both work and household chores!

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