Having started to study Human Design, many people think that they have finally received a magic pill that will help them radically change their lives. They desperately hope that, as if by magic, they will become happy, cheerful, successful, without making any effort. And of course, after some time they come to serious disappointment and begin to argue that Human Design does not work and that this system is not trustworthy …

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to learn to live according to their Design. Someone is just beginning to discover this amazing knowledge, but almost immediately backtracks, because they do not receive instant results. And only 20-30% of those who begin to study the system reach the end and manage to implement the Design into their lives. The rest give up. After a few days or months, without achieving the desired results. The reasons can be completely different. Someone simply does not fit this format of self-knowledge. Others find it too complicated for normal daily life.

Be that as it may, if you really want to start living differently, you somehow have to go through the so-called 7 circles of Human Design Design. What it is? In short, these are the main stages of self-discovery that will ultimately lead you to a completely new life. In this article, we will take a closer look at each stage, as well as analyze the difficulties that may arise on your way.

The road to self-improvement is difficult and thorny. The Human Design System offers its own unique path on which serious tests await you, but the result will exceed all your expectations. The main thing is not to wait for instant results and be patient.


The 1st circle is distrust. Almost everyone faces this. It is with distrust that the initial stage of acquaintance with the Human Design system begins, when various fears, blocks and traumas may surface, preventing the passage of spiritual knowledge about the true nature of things and oneself through oneself.

Each of us has a subconscious distrust of what we cannot cognize. We instinctively doubt everything that cannot be contacted, that cannot be held in our hands or tasted. Words such as: aura, energy, purpose often cause mistrust for the simple reason that it is almost impossible to correctly describe and prove them from a scientific point of view. These concepts can only be felt. But it is almost impossible to give them a clear scientific definition.

7 Circles of Human Design

Most people are used to the simplicity of the material world. They do not try to expand the scope of their usual horizons and try to leave their comfort zone as little as possible. We do not really like it when someone tells us that everything we are used to has no meaning, because the reality is completely different … we simply do not accept new knowledge.

Human Design is beyond mental comprehension, but this does not mean that this teaching is wrong. Like astronomers who determine the presence of black holes by gravitational distortion in their field of action, practitioners of Design can judge its effectiveness by the changes taking place in life.

How to get past the first design circle and not give up?

First of all, it is worth weaning yourself from habitual patterns of thinking. Stop considering your mind to be the crown of nature’s creation, capable of knowing any secret. Our mind is not omnipotent at all. This is just an auxiliary tool with which we can interpret the information entering the brain. By considering yourself to be omniscient, you deliberately limit your potential. You should learn not to talk about life, but simply to live, surrendering to every minute, every event that happens to you. This is the main principle of Design.

Lack of motivation

The 2nd circle is lack of motivation. Even if you start to apply the knowledge of Human Design in your life, at first it will be incredible for you to maintain this way of thinking all the time. Over and over again, you will return to square one, resuming the usual way of life for you. Again you will begin to do what you normally do and endow your mind with the highest universal functions. Of course, all this happens by force of habit. We cannot take and rebuild a new way of thinking in one day, we cannot trust what has not yet stood the test of time.

7 Circles of Human Design

Let’s say you learned about your own Strategy and Authority, the peculiarities of your Profile and False Self. And so you decided to start living in a new way from tomorrow. But then a new day comes and under the yoke of everyday routine you simply don’t have enough time to even remember yesterday’s intention, not that to bring it to life.

In this situation, you will always have excuses to live the way you used to live. You may not have enough time, energy, personal space. As a rule, in this case, we begin to make false promises to ourselves, convincing ourselves that we will certainly begin to live in harmony with ourselves and with our Design … But only after we build a career, create a family, buy our own home, etc. You can find hundreds of reasons not to do Design.

Lifestyle changes are not something that can be adhered to periodically when the conditions or mood are right for it. It is easy to follow your nature when you are doing well, when you are morally in tune with it and at the same time your basic life needs are fully satisfied. And you try to do this when your usual life is literally bursting at the seams, and you should never give up slack. When it’s hard for you and the world is trying to pull you back into the endless stream of routine. If you can withstand this pressure and follow the instructions of Design even in such moments, then you can really make progress in knowing yourself and your nature.


The 3rd circle is discouragement. After going through the first two circles, you may realize that you have sufficient motivation and desire to change your life. You start to follow the advice and guidelines of Human Design on an ongoing basis. And changes really begin to take place, but instead of the promised joy and inner harmony, you feel nothing but despondency …

Why it happens? In fact, such depressive moods are one of the sure signs that you are on the right track. It is not you who fall into a state of despondency and depression. It is your mind that imposes these states on you. He will provide you with hundreds of reasons to forget about change and return to your past lifestyle. Indeed, at first it is hard enough to feel renewed and liberated. At times you will feel like a black sheep. And at some point, most likely, you will want to return everything as it was.

7 Circles of Human Design

Discouragement is a necessary and even integral process of transforming your personality. Think about how hard it can be to get yourself into new habits. Whether it’s a transition to a healthy diet or morning jogging. At first, your mind will resist in every possible way. He will convince you that you cannot do without a delicious cheesecake for dinner, or that it is better to sleep for an extra hour than to go out on the cold street … It is the mind that is responsible for the fact that it is so difficult for us to accustom ourselves to new habits. He does not like changes, does not like when something happens that he does not understand or believes that it should be different.

And when we look at Human Design, we are talking about something more than a habit. This is not even a change in lifestyle, in fact, we are talking about the cultivation of a completely new personality, the upbringing of a new person. Your False Self will not allow you to give up the personality that you used to be so easily.

What if you lack the motivation to pursue new beliefs? Just be patient and willpower and embrace the decadent moods that will haunt you without trying to resist them.

Sooner or later, you will be able to get through this feeling, if of course you have enough determination. The main thing: don’t back down. A retreat, even a temporary one, can cause you to surrender completely. By forcing you to surrender once, it will be much easier for your False Self to convince you to do so the next time.


The 4th circle is doubt. Once you have overcome your discouragement, doubts will surely begin to haunt you. You will begin to doubt that you really deserve to be a new person. After all, everything was not so bad before. Don’t worry and don’t let these thoughts shake your confidence. Doubt is another sign that you are on the right track.

Doubt always arises where change is taking place. We are always in doubt when we leave our usual comfort zone. And this affects absolutely all areas of human life. Whether it’s buying a new phone, changing jobs, or traveling to another city or country. Doubts overwhelm us whenever we are not sure about the future. When stability gradually leaves our life and we are about to open up to something new.

7 Circles of Human Design

Yes, you really don’t know what will happen to you and who you will become if you continue to study Human Design. Nobody can know this. But since you opened up to new knowledge, then you most likely were not satisfied with your past lifestyle and you consciously decided to change something. You would hardly be engaged in self-discovery if everything in your life was perfect and you did not want to change anything.

Just accept the fact that you don’t know what the future holds. There is no point in returning to what you once decided to leave. How can you retreat when the target is already visible on the horizon? Why, then, have you done such a tremendous amount of work on yourself. You have invested so much energy in educating the personality that you are about to become …

So don’t let your doubts lead you astray. Just live them without a trace. Only by cultivating will and determination in yourself can you transform your life.


The 5th circle is fear. The longer you apply the teachings of Design in your life, the closer you will come to your transformation. It is a long and laborious process, but sooner or later you will feel that it begins to bear fruit. At some point, you will experience that incredible feeling that you previously felt only in childhood. When you are completely free in your thoughts and actions, and do exactly as you see fit.

You will feel that you are becoming yourself. That now you no longer need to lie to yourself and others, you do not need to pretend and play roles that are not intended for you at all, and that in any situation you will make the right decisions. Every morning will be filled with sincere joy and the feeling that now everything is going exactly as it should. But with all this, one day you will have to face your worst enemy. With fear.

Why does fear arise? Because, freeing yourself from all the conventions in which you used to exist, you will definitely have to go through a phase when many of your old ties will be severed. Just because they are not real and you supported them out of courtesy. Passing through the transformation, you will have to re-know not only yourself, but also your loved ones, friends, acquaintances. And no doubt such discoveries can be fearsome.

You will realize that many of the people you thought were friends were never. Fear will certainly accompany you, because you run the risk of losing so many of those whom you considered close. During this phase of Human Design practice, friendships are destroyed, relationships are broken, and even families are broken up.

Even so, you must overcome your fear. Because if you really want to break all your connections, then you initially did not feel anything for these people.

It will be incredibly scary for you to lose everything that you have achieved in your entire life. And you will probably be frightened by the thought that you are about to lose all your connections and those people who were with you before that time. In fact, you have to start from scratch. Find new connections and acquaintances, arrange your life in a new way. Do not be afraid of this. After all, in order to build something new, you must first destroy the old. Otherwise, the past life will again and again call you to return, in every possible way reminding you of who you once were.


The 6th circle is death. Having overcome your fear, nothing can stand in the way of your transformation. And then one day you will die. You will feel how the one who you once were dissolves into nothingness.

7 Circles of Human Design

The death of an old personality is the most important condition for the birth of a new one. After death, your Ego will no longer control you. And you will no longer need to think about your purpose. You will forget about all your past goals and aspirations, you will cease to consider yourself isolated from the world. Free from the burden of worldly vanity and carnal desires, you will make room in your life for something more amazing and beautiful. The true secret of human existence will open to you, and you will understand that there has never been any secret in this. Life is needed only in order to live this very life. Without any pitfalls or conditions, just living for life itself. And when you pass this thought through yourself, understand its full scale, then you can enjoy absolutely everything that happens to you.


The 7th circle is rebirth. Your old personality is gone. You have become a truly free person. Your breathing has become light and free. And you perceive the world as an amazing place in which everything around literally breathes life and is overflowing with light energy … There are no longer any spatial or temporal restrictions and no reason for conflicts. You finally woke up from a long sleep and now perceive everything that happens around in a completely different way.

Now you are well aware of how difficult and thorny the path of finding yourself is. And at this stage, you will have the most amazing stage of the Experiment. Now you become a completely different person, with a completely different perception of the world. Like a child, you can again wonder how wonderful everything around you, enjoy every moment and just surrender to your own life.

This is not alienation from the outside world, but on the contrary, absolute unity with it.

And now all that remains for you is only to receive pleasure. After all, when you are one with your nature, you begin to understand that everything in this world happens according to a higher plan.


Human Design is a difficult to learn, but amazing in its effect science that changes lives. If you have the strength and determination to bring your Experiment to the end (this is about 5-7 years), you will be surprised how much your worldview will change during this time. And one day, you will wake up as a renewed person, free from any conventions.

Do not be afraid that you have a long and difficult journey ahead of you. If everything were easy, life would hardly be so unpredictable and interesting. Only a few can afford the pleasure of being truly themselves, without fear of disapproval or contempt from the outside. But it is they who are responsible for bringing our kind to a higher stage of evolution.

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