Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 5/1 shows up in business life. What is Profile 5/1 in business?

You combine the qualities of the Heretic, who is all pressured by the views of others and tries his best to live up to the expectations of others, and the Explorer, who studies the world thoroughly and creates for himself a solid and reliable base on which he can lean.

You are essentially a natural leader. A person whose leadership can be especially needed in crisis situations. You are someone who can suggest unusual and versatile solutions to a variety of work issues and problems. You are a mentor and teacher of life, a bright and intelligent expert on any problem.

You are capable of leading people. You have a rich imagination and are capable of genius foresight. You easily overcome difficulties and step over obstacles: cope, solve, give wise advice. You learn all your lessons perfectly and do your homework on time. You are determined to get to the bottom of your endless research. It’s hard to find a more reliable and thorough person.

There is a certain inner discipline in your approach to the craft of leadership. People admire you, have high expectations of you. And you try in every way to live up to them. Showing your weakness to Profile 5/1 is completely unacceptable. Your reputation must never be damaged. You must always be at your best. Even if it requires you to work overtime.

Profile 5/1 in business

And in order to build a good reputation and establish yourself as a top performer, you are constantly doing research. You research what is expected of you. And in the process, you understand which projections you can meet and which you cannot.

At the same time, you are a very capable performer. The only thing that prevents you is that the world around you is filled with obstacles and barriers. You don’t know how to see it differently. No wonder there is something unknowable about you. Even the people closest to you don’t know who you really are. Which doesn’t stop them from staying at the mercy of the dreams you’ve given them.

You create an image for yourself and live in the image. In professional life, this is also called a personal brand. You are unwilling to show those around you your true face. As a result, people see what they would like to see in you. You are very comfortable in your chosen role. Those who fall under your influence trust you unconditionally. They allow you to take responsibility. They are ready to accept your influence without hesitation. But you need to find clarity. You must understand where and why you are leading them. Realize whether the goals you are leading them toward are consistent with your understanding of purpose. Otherwise, your role will be interesting, but not necessary for you.

You are interesting, bright, intelligent, and insightful in your interactions with colleagues. You talk a lot on professional topics, trying to impress the interlocutor his erudition. At times you go from one interlocutor to another, looking for someone whose problems you can absorb and immediately begin to solve them. There is something of the lifeguard on duty in you. And for this reason, your colleagues often trust you with the most intimate things, including their problems.

The main secret of success for you is not to try to live up to absolutely all expectations that you have. Sometimes you just need to abstract yourself from other people’s projections and go deeper into your own research. Although you don’t realize it, it is very important for you to have solid ground under your feet. It is what helps you, among other things, to build a powerful reputation for yourself.

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