Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 4/1 shows up in business life. What is Profile 4/1 in business?

The first thing to note is that as a 4/1 Profile holder you are an excellent teacher. However, you are not prepared to teach everyone. Your circle of communication is strictly a select group of people whom you let in after much research. It is they who can become true friends to you, whom you will influence and with whom you will share your message as well as the results of your studies.

Thus, you won’t take on a particular job until you’ve thoroughly researched everything. You must have a solid theoretical foundation. Only with a solid foundation can you move on to practice. What’s interesting is that most of the time you don’t even realize how much you are immersed in new research. It happens on a subconscious level.

Let’s say you are offered to take on a high-paying project for which you don’t have enough competence. If you were someone else, you would start right away just for the money. You can’t do that. In order to move from words to deeds, you need to thoroughly research everything, especially talking about a new professional field in which you don’t have enough knowledge.

Profile 4/1 in business

Once you’ve learned something, you start sharing it all with colleagues who are part of your immediate circle.

It’s also worth noting that as a Profile 4/1 holder, you have a fixed destiny. Everything you do is predetermined. And this manifests itself not only in ordinary life, but also in professional life.

Then you are brilliant at manifesting yourself in a strictly defined professional aspect. And you suffer when society does not appreciate it. Society in general is not capable of keeping its attention on one thing for a long time. Even if that one thing is you. At the same time, it is important that it does not make you go astray. If laws, rules, corporate frameworks or the demands of loved ones distract you from your main goal, your life will simply fall apart. You will lose the ability to want or strive for anything at all. In this case, the base of the First Line will weaken and allow the Fourth to break your heart.

Remember: you are not here for others to take you for granted. Your personal purpose is unique. Look for people who will support you on your path to your truth. Avoid those who are intimidated by your truth and who simply cannot understand it. This is how you create a network of trusted and proven colleagues around you, those whom you can trust and for whom your opinion really matters.

As a rule, you have a definite agenda at work. You fit in perfectly at every turn. You see those around you showing flexibility, reaching the point of being chaotic at times. Sometimes you try to follow their lead, but go off the rails too soon.

Either way, it is crucial for you to stay true to your nature! Thank your interlocutors for their valuable opinions and stick to your own. Put on blinders over your eyes. Focus on your own path, don’t turn back. Do this, and you will gain both strength and persuasiveness. You are one big heart. Keep the goodness and the capacity for forgiveness in that heart. Stop struggling with the limitations of your own nature and embrace your vulnerability. This is how you will find your destiny.

It is also very important that you keep your network free of unnecessary people. And at the same time, be neutral toward those who are not in your network. Be loyal to these people. The fact that you can’t influence them doesn’t mean they are bad. Influence those colleagues who want you to influence them. Then you can make the most of your professional life!

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