What is Profile 2/4 in business?

You are a man who loves his sanctuary. You hate being distracted when you are focused on something. Even if it’s your favorite TV show or book that you’re immersed in. But in the middle of that sanctuary is a mystery that you really want to solve. And that mystery is you.

In fact you are a mystery even to yourself. Profile 2/4 is not just incapable of seeing itself with acceptable clarity. It is not even capable of projecting itself more or less accurately. You are extremely shy. You are capable of both craving solitude and boldly interacting with the world. You are bright, convincing and carefree, but in a minute you are already slamming the door to the cave, which you dug in advance and arranged for yourself.

Your mood is impossible to guess. It changes every second. An outside observer will see more of you than you can imagine. And that explains why you’re always looking for a reflection of yourself in those around you. You study yourself through feedback. Without it, you don’t have much understanding of who you are at all. You need the people around you. You find in them the support of strength and purpose for your existence. In turn, this creates the habit of giving too much. In your natural state, you are malleable and ready for any interaction.

How does this manifest itself in work?

On the one hand, you may be very focused on your profession, you may often withdraw into yourself and close yourself off from colleagues, avoiding general gatherings and corporate events. Moreover, you may behave like a hermit, even if your profession inevitably involves communication. For example, if you work with clients. In that case, you’ll prioritize email correspondence, avoiding live meetings.

But on the other hand, in certain situations, when your mood for it, you can be the soul of the company, behave cheerfully and cheerfully, joke and tell funny stories. Moreover, because of its opportunism, you can often come to the aid of their colleagues, to share with them their experiences, give practical advice, while requiring nothing in return.

In communication with colleagues, you are almost always cordial and friendly. You radiate a natural and non-intrusive warmth. You are an attentive listener. And it’s not always because the person you are talking to is interesting. You are interested in what the other person is saying about you. And it is for this reason that you can be overly attentive and even empathic during important negotiations.

Profile 2/4 in business

Life is a perpetual university for you. Every interaction is an occasion to learn something. Knowledge for you is a source of inspiration. And for this reason in the work you show interest and curiosity, sometimes withdrawing into themselves and becoming inaccessible to their business environment.

You perceive yourself through others. If a person you like does something useful, you immediately begin to copy it. When you hear from a colleague advice that you found useful, you instantly find an opportunity to attach it to his life. Anything that can help you understand yourself and your professional destiny, will be thoroughly investigated and taken into account. You are who you are just because you don’t let your own mystique ruin your life.

The main secret to success for you is to always leave room for mystery and enigma in your professional life. Don’t try to understand absolutely everything. Let your profession be a little bit covered with a veil of mystery. Just like you yourself.

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