What is Sacral? In fact, this is the place of our life force. It carries with it a powerful life energy. It is thanks to Sacral that we can work without stopping, as well as create something new and beautiful. Sacral energy is very creative. It can be directed to absolutely any area of ​​life: creativity, work, relationships. But the point is that only Generators and Manifesting Generators can do this. Only these two Types have Sacral Center defined. And it is precisely because of this feature that they are often called the builders of the world. After all, energy and inclination to long and hard work can literally move humanity forward. Sometimes just one idea is not enough to change something for the better. We need more strength and opportunities to bring these ideas to life. 

Open Sacral: Good or Bad?

But what about the Types, whose Sacral Center is not defined (non Sacral Types): Manifestoors, Projectors and Reflectors? Are all these people not able to work for a long time and need constant rest? Or can they only direct and direct someone else’s energy, and the main work should be done by the Generators?

Open Centers are very sensitive and vulnerable. They have the ability to amplify the energy that they have absorbed, including the sacred. There are many pitfalls in the open Centers, themes and tricks of the false “I” often surface here, but there is also a huge potential for gaining life wisdom. Open Centers lead us down a path of endless trial and error. And it is the many and varied experiences that make us wise. Through openness, we communicate with the world, knowing it through the prism of our perception. And what does the open Sacred Center teach us? First of all, in the open Sacral Center we accumulate the wisdom of life itself. We literally learn to live by trying one thing, but another … By building our own schedule, testing ourselves for strength, etc.

Non Sacral Types Human Design

The Open Sacral has no equipment inside to handle the powerful energy of the motor. He simply absorbs this seething energy and begins to live off of it. When a person with an open Sacral Center is in the company of those who have a Sacral, it seems to him that he is full of energy and ready to work for an infinitely long time. This happens very often, for example, in work teams or in production. When everyone around is working and a person with an open Sacral absorbs this energy in himself and even manages to hold out on it for some time. But as soon as he remains alone with himself, the strength immediately leaves. Moreover, he may feel completely drained and haggard. 

The fact is, such people do not have the endurance and efficiency that is characteristic of indefatigable Generators. But unfortunately, they very often forget about it and give themselves up to everything without a trace: work, study, family. And they need to learn to see that invisible border when they need to stop and just exhale. Give yourself time to come to your senses. 

How can people work with an open Sacral?

Internal sensations – this is what a person with an open Sacral should be guided by. And certainly not for other people, many of whom work many times more. Don’t set yourself impossible tasks. Otherwise, you can go beyond your own physical endurance.  

Let people with an open Sacral not be afraid of the lack of energy. Yes, there are times when they feel de-energized, that’s okay. This is more normal than when they wear out and take on more than they can handle. In fact, feeling this energy, using it correctly and giving yourself more time to rest is one of the components of the experiment of people with an open Sacral. They must learn to feel their limits. 

They need to work correctly, know when to stop and, feeling the inner urges, give themselves the opportunity to rest. It is better for them to go to bed early, at least an hour before they feel tired .. They also need to always find time to be alone. This is necessary in order to cleanse the Sacral Center from other people’s energies, to connect with oneself, getting rid of influences from outside. 

Sacral energy and sexuality 

Another important topic for which Sacral Center is responsible is sexuality. People with a certain Sacral have a very specific type of sexuality that always works according to the same rules. And this does not mean at all that at the same time people with an open Sacral are not sexy. They are also sexy, only according to different principles of mechanics. First, they reflect and enhance someone else’s sexual energy. Second, they can be different with each partner. Each of them has their own unique experience. 

But even here people with an open Sacral Center, absorbing sexual energy from the outside, may not know when to stop, and sometimes they even develop anxiety on sexual grounds. We must not forget that each of them has a Strategy and Authority. They will not let you down both when choosing a partner and when completing a connection. The wisdom of an open Sacral Center lies, among other things, in the ability to recognize sexual energy, both healthy and not so. Observing the nuances of the work of a certain Sacral Center, they can become irreplaceable experts and guides for humanity. In almost all life matters.

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