Manifestor is the only Type for whom initiative is correct. It is Manifestors who can manifest themselves as independent, autonomous and freedom-loving individuals. Of course, the other Types, if they follow their Strategy, can manifest themselves in the same way, but the Manifestor can manifest it especially brightly, because it is the Type that has the ability to initiate various processes both in ordinary life and in work.

Because of their ability to initiate and be one step ahead of others, Manifestors can be very fast in life. Those around them often seem too slow and not enough initiative. And that’s because the key purpose of Manifestors is to give a start and initial impulse to things and events, which later other Types can continue. And if Manifestor is in its place, it can be really productive. But not in the process itself, but precisely at the start.

Manifestors are capable of changing things not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of others, and it’s really important for them to see how, and on whom, they make an impact. Often Manifestors are even shocked by the way their words and actions affect other people.

From a very young age, he feels that he is different from the people around him. This is also due to the fact that there are very few Manifestors, a rather rare type. This is why many Manifestors are not very willing to blend in with the crowd.

Manifestor and work

As for self-realization in the professional sphere, this issue is of great importance for a Manifestor.

And here are the main points to consider in order for work to bring Manifestors pleasure while helping them to remain at peace.

Manifestors are the best starters.

But, due to the fact that the Sacred Center of Manifestors is not defined, it can be difficult for them to cope with the daily routine and maintain the same rhythm throughout the working day, week, month. This should definitely be taken into account. If a Manifestor has to deal with a project for a long time, he should take breaks, even if he doesn’t feel tired.

Manifestors are startup people.

As a rule, a Manifestor is bored doing the same thing five days a week. The Manifestor’s job is to give a powerful impetus at the beginning of a cause, then pass it on to other people. It is very important for him to constantly initiate and start something new. Thus the Manifestor is ideally suited to project work: when he can immerse himself in the meaning, put in the energy, win, transfer things to the team, and then switch to something else.

It is better for Manifestors to choose areas in which they are truly interested in developing and initiating something new.

At the same time, the professional spheres in which the Manifestor is involved may constantly change.

Manifestors, however lonely they may be, almost always need a team.

It can be people who help the Manifestor, or people for whom the Manifestor goes to conquer the “market. Yes, Manifestors need personal space. And because of his irrepressible energy, the Manifestor can be incredibly successful in many different areas, but many people do not understand “why” – if there is no family or “tribe” around.

It is important and necessary for the Manifestor to inform the business environment of his desires, goals and intentions.

If the Manifestor has grown professionally and feels the strength and potential for globally new, interesting and important tasks, he should learn to take the initiative and inform his superiors about it, for example. Due to the peculiarity of the Manifestor’s aura, it can be quite difficult to understand what such a person really wants. This means that a Manifestor must learn to declare his desires openly.

The spheres of activity that suit a Manifestor are quite varied. They can be determined by a close examination of his rave card. Of course, there is no single answer here, everything depends on the person’s interests and preferences. If Manifestor learns to inform, he will be able to succeed in almost any field he likes.

However, it must be remembered that no matter how much the Manifestor is involved in what he loves, the uncertain Sacral Center does not sense when to stop, does not feel that it is tired and that it is no longer energized. In this regard, maintaining a healthy balance between work and rest is something any Manifestor should strive for.

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