People often come to Human Design with specific requests. And one of these requests may be the choice of a profession. Who among us has never faced this choice at least once? When you need to understand what to do in the future. What skills to master, which institution to go to, in which direction to develop, etc. Yes, at least once in a lifetime, absolutely each of us faces this.

In this case, we are talking not only about school graduates who are simply forced to choose some kind of profession in order to understand what to do in adulthood. As a rule, at this age, we are simply not able to consciously approach this issue. Often someone else makes the choice for us. For example, parents. Or a teacher. Or we are simply guided by false stereotypes that are being instilled in us. For example, being dominated by false beliefs and stereotypes, you may choose a profession that makes good money. Or the one where we will be least exposed to danger and risk. For example, a teenager is much more willing to choose the profession of a marketer than, say, a firefighter. After all, the first involves almost no risk. But in the second, there is no risk. Mastering such a profession, will have to make certain sacrifices. And we do not want this at all. And there can be a lot of such stereotypes.

Profession with Human Design

They also take possession of the minds of adults when, at some point, they decide to change their profession. Therefore, the previously mastered does not bring them the desired income or for some other reason. And instead of listening to themselves, they go through all the pros and cons in their heads, ask for advice, analyze the situation, read articles from experts, etc.

Time passes and we understand that we have chosen a completely wrong profession. That work brings us neither joy nor satisfaction. In the best case, we receive decent wages for our work for the activities that we do through strength. At worst, we don’t even have that. And we continue to go to our unloved work simply because it is necessary, because we have no choice. Because we are overwhelmed by fear. Fear that it will only get worse. That the next work will disappoint us even more. And so on in a vicious circle.

In this regard, the question arises: can Human Design help in choosing (changing) a profession. The answer is unequivocal: yes, it can. But there are certain nuances here.

Choosing a profession with Bodygraph: what are the features

What is Human Design urging us to do? To the Experiment. We came to this world to be ourselves and to live our nature. This is completely natural. But in the process of life we ​​too often lend itself to conditioning. Our consciousness absorbs too many theories, concepts and prejudices. As a result, we become not who we came to this world. And as a result, we have to experiment with our natural nature.

Therefore, our task: when we immerse ourselves in the knowledge of Human Design, not only to master new information, but to learn how to live it and make it an integral part of our life. When we learn to live it, our life will be completely different. Up to the point that our body will begin to function differently. But how to experiment when it comes to a profession and life purpose?

Of course, we can look at the Bodygraph and draw conclusions from it as to what talents are inherent in us by nature. And then it is already to develop these talents and, in accordance with them, choose a profession for yourself. In particular, the Channels present in our Bodygraph can help us with this. They are responsible for our talents, abilities and dispositions. Let’s imagine a situation. The person looks at his Bodygraph and sees in it Channel 17-62 of Acceptance. This Channel is responsible for the ability to see details and nuances, as well as present information in the form of diagrams, graphs, pictures, etc. In fact, such a Channel could help its carrier to become a brilliant administrator. After all, in administrative work, details play a very important role.

And so a person with the Acceptance Channel decides to get a job as an administrator, say, in a production company. However, after a while he realizes that the work does not bring him any joy. In this case, he will say that Human Design does not work. That all this is nonsense. That Channel 17-62 is a fiction and stuff like that. And all why? Because he chose his profession in a logical way. In reality, he had to first learn to live the Channel of Acceptance and make it a part of his life. No analyzes and evaluations.

A simple conclusion follows from this. If you want to find a profession for your liking, follow your Strategy and trust your Inner Authority. Of course, in the first stages, you will have to perceive information about yourself exclusively at the level of the mind. But time will pass and you will need to learn to live with your Design. And then you don’t even have to think about choosing a profession. The profession will choose you. And you don’t have to put any effort into it.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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