Who is Manifesting Generator?

Manifesting Generator is a “hodgepodge” of the other two Types – Manifestor and Generator. It has strong manifestations of both of them, but, at the same time, it also has their weaknesses. Not to mention the fact that one may simply get confused in the sometimes opposing aspirations of one’s soul and give preference to one of them. But a harmonious life for a Manifesting Generator is not to devote oneself to one of the extremes, but to skillfully maneuver between them, maintaining a balance.

Unlike an ordinary Generator, a Manifesting Generator is much faster and more decisive. Unlike an ordinary Manifestor, he possesses an innate “compass” that points him in the right direction. In theory, people of this Type can be called the most “strong” and successful in life. But in practice, they are the ones who are most often influenced by False Self.

Although the Generator and the Manifesting Generator have the same Strategies – to follow the inner Response, the difference is the time required between receiving the Response and the beginning of manifestation. Beginning to act immediately, the Manifesting Generator may become too involved in the process and not notice that his original decision may very quickly change due to new circumstances discovered during the beginning of the active action phase.

For a better understanding, we can consider the most trivial example. Suppose you are a Manifesting Generator and you have been offered some work. You began to take active actions – you gathered for an interview, found out about the new place, made inquiries, etc. But during your research you suddenly found out that this job is not suitable for you at all and you very easily change your initial decision. An ordinary Generator, being in such a situation, will go all the way, since a positive Response is received and it is too late to retreat from the plan.

We can also draw an analogy with the game, in particular with soccer. The generators in this case are the obvious defenders, who wait until the ball is passed to them before giving it to another. Manifestors, on the other hand, will act as forwards, that constantly go forward and aim only to score. And the mediator between them is the midfielders, the Manifest Generators, who can handle both roles equally well.

The most difficult thing about being a Manifesting Generator is that they have to cope with the manifestation of the False Self of both Types. That is, they experience both the frustration of Generators and the anger of Manifestors with equal frequency. This becomes the reason for the impatience peculiar to Manifest Generators. They hope that once they have coped with a task, they do not have to return to it. But if they do have to, they immediately lash out at those around them and themselves, feeling frustrated by the need to re-do something.

Their lack of patience is expressed in practically all aspects of their lives. Manifesting Generators, because of the fickleness of their Response, find it much easier to start doing something, give it to someone else to finish, and begin another task. And painstakingly working on one thing and then correcting the shortcomings takes them out of their minds. This is a cardinal difference between them and ordinary Generators – the latter are ready to give all their time and energy to perfect one of their talents as much as possible, comprehending new facets in it.

Manifesting Generator

But there are positive aspects to this. Manifest Generators become successful businessmen. They constantly shine with new ideas for startups, know how to charge other people with their vision and pass them on to perform “routine” tasks while they themselves start working on a new project already. Manifest Generators are constantly busy doing several things at once – one they drop, another they pass on, a third they start. Active activity never ends or stops at one thing – if something “doesn’t work,” they simply forget about it and move on without a shadow of regret.

If Manifesting Generators do not follow their own Strategy, then they, just like Manifestors, will constantly face the society’s attempts to limit them somehow and in something, restraining their impulses. Therefore, they have to learn to wait in spite of their impatient nature, and then, when the way to solve the problem will be outlined and obvious, to act with all their might, not forgetting, at the same time, to inform others about their own decisions. Only in this way is the harmonious coexistence of the extremes of the two Types in one person possible.

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