Fear is a natural human response to a real or perceived threat. And our strongest fears, as a rule, are closely related to the instinct of self-preservation, when an individual is aimed at survival at any cost. Thanks to this mechanism, the human race was not only able to survive in an aggressive environment, but also to climb to the top of the evolutionary pyramid. However, what at the initial stage contributes to progress and development, at some point turns into a brake.

Human Design refers to the basic spleen fears caused by the instinct of self-preservation the fears generated and stimulated by the Gates of the Splenic Center.

Fear of Authority

Through the 18 Gate of Correction (improvement), the fear of Authority comes into our life along with the positive aspects that push us to search for the new and unknown, which in turn gives rise to fears of criticism and condemnation.

Spleen Fears

Everything new is a challenge to the old, perhaps not yet obsolete, but already in need of improvement. However, any innovation generates a lot of doubts and a person asks himself: does the world really need my actions, will they cause bad changes, how will others react, will I be subjected to severe criticism, will they understand me correctly … But, regardless of the consequences, overcoming his doubts and fears, a person repeatedly challenges the Authorities, traditions, opinions and judgments of the surrounding society. And this is wonderful, because this is the path of progress.

Fear of Gate 18 does not necessarily become an obstacle to development. Very often it is a kind of filter on the path of non-viable forms. Indeed, thanks to him, each “innovator” has to assess his activities, repeatedly check the correctness of those things or ideas that he brings to life.

Our entire history is replete with examples of the manifestation of this fear and the results of overcoming it. The emergence of new trends in art, diversity in painting genres, sculpture, architecture, the emergence of theater, cinema, variety art in our usual form, the development of new scientific areas – biophysics, biochemistry, astrophysics, genetics and even the Human Design system. Without a challenge to the Authorities of the past, all this would never appear in our world.

Fear of death

The Player’s Gate is closely related to the fear of Death. But oddly enough, it is through these gates that the desire for risk comes into our lives. Two diametrically opposed concepts – death and risk, act as a united front before the aimlessness of existence. It is very important for the wearers of the 28th Gate to constantly feel themselves alive, which means “to fight and seek”.

The suppressed Fear of Gate 28 can play a cruel joke with a person, turn him into a devastated, weak-willed creature, mired in outdated dogmas and unwilling to change anything, or, conversely, turn him into a gambling “adrenaline addict” constantly playing with death. Only a clear understanding of your true goal and purpose allows you to rise above your Fear. This explains the massive heroism on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War. The soldiers knew that the future of their Motherland, their children and grandchildren, whom they loved more than themselves, depended only on them. They had a goal – to defeat the enemy. Ordinary people in peacetime became fearless heroes, they lived, fought and died for the sake of Victory.

Fear of Failure

The fear of the 32 Gate of Continuity is the fear of Failure. In our life, it performs twofold functions, on the one hand, it interferes or delays the implementation of plans, and on the other hand, it prevents a lot of rash actions that could have devastating consequences. Fearing failure, we begin to calculate our actions, make scrupulous plans, make the necessary acquaintances, and all this in order to achieve a certain material or social level that will allow us to have sufficient resources to carry out our ideas.

Spleen FearsIndeed, not a single even the most ambitious and promising project will be implemented if there are not enough funds or there are no interested investors willing to invest their resources in this business.

However, for some people, the fear of Failure becomes a trigger for mobilizing all forces, while for others it turns into an impenetrable wall on the path to success. Such “losers” can drag out a miserable existence for years, go to an unloved job, and engage in activities that are incomprehensible and unnecessary for them. Because the fear of an uncertain future scares them more than an established, dull life.

Fear of the Past

44 Gate of Vigilance bring the Fear of the Past, this is a genetic fear of the extinction of a clan, tribe. It is he who makes us develop, look for new ways, achieve success where many have already suffered defeat. Bearers of 44 Gates know how to distinguish between wheat and chaff, they always find the right people, whose talents and abilities can help them make their way to success. If they manage to cast aside their mistrust and develop the correct selection criteria for their “fellow travellers”, then they will have the gift of interaction, the ability to establish contacts and achieve their goals.

Fear of Inadequacy

48 Gate of Depth gives rise to a strong fear of Inadequacy. We are afraid to be misunderstood, afraid to look funny, pathetic or inappropriate. Sometimes, possessing encyclopedic knowledge and enormous creative potential, a person remains a failure for life, because he does not risk showing himself to the world, he is afraid of being known as an upstart, afraid of condemnation and misunderstanding. To prevent this from happening, we must improve our communication skills, learn to express our thoughts correctly and believe our intuitive knowledge.

The fear of Inadequacy is akin to the fear of Authority. And there, and there, you need to overpower yourself, throw a challenge to society, established opinion and traditions. For example, Galileo Galilei was able to change the worldview that was customary at that time. His statement that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and not vice versa, was a breakthrough in astronomy. And if his contemporaries could not appreciate this discovery, then history put everything in its place.

Fear of Responsibility

50 Gate of Values ​​gives rise to the Fear of Responsibility. And each person struggles with this fear at the level available to him. Someone, going to extremes, takes on an overwhelming burden of all duties and sincerely believes that only he can cope with them. For such people, the fear of responsibility is transformed into the fear of not being able to cope with the task at hand, not justifying trust. They are constantly burdened with other people’s expectations. Others, on the contrary, in every possible way avoid any responsibility, which often prevents them from building normal relationships, finding a decent job. They, like one-day moths, flutter from place to place, from person to person, promising nothing and not caring about anyone.

Spleen FearsBut everything is good in moderation, any of our good deeds needs an adequate response, gratitude, and bestowal, but this takes time. Understanding that invested today will surely return to you a hundredfold, provides an influx of fresh energy, and the aimless squandering of your strength and time, which will sink into oblivion, leads to exhaustion. You need to help wisely, there are those who do not deserve your care, and you are not obliged to drag a whole lot of their problems on you.

Fear of Tomorrow

57 Gate of Intuition in the moment is responsible for the survival of the individual. And for these noble purposes, they give rise to fear of tomorrow in our souls. As much as we would like, but we can know what awaits us beyond the threshold of today. Any even the most calculated plan can fail due to an accident that no one can predict.

The only way to deal with the fear of Tomorrow is to be clear about the moment, relying on your intuition and your immune system. You should not look far into the future, since the uncertainty of the future complicates the situation, instills uncertainty. For example, the ability to focus on the present moment helps people survive in extreme situations when life depends on the speed of decision-making.

Spleen Center fears are genetically embedded in your matrix. You will feel anxiety, even if you are completely safe, if you do not understand the mechanism of its origin. To get rid of fear, you do not need to suppress or ignore alarms, it will not lead to anything good. You need to learn to perceive them consciously, and only then will Fear turn from an enemy into your reliable friend and advisor. The higher your inner awareness, the easier it will be for you to move through life, since the number of problems that you create for yourself will significantly decrease.

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