What is waiting in Human Design? Perhaps the words “wait” is one of the most frequently encountered in articles and books on Human Design, and everyone who first encounters him has questions in his head:

“How can I get to know guys / girls if I am a Generator and cannot initiate.”

“How can I run my business if I am a Projector and have to wait for an invitation.”

“What does it mean to wait for the right moment for the correct manifestation of oneself.”

In a world where it is customary to initiate life to achieve your goals, the teaching of Human Design offers a different approach. It says that you need to relax, trust the universe and wait for its natural flow, without forcing it.

Everyone is waiting

Generators are waiting for feedback and satisfaction. They watch the requests that come from the world and track their reactions to them. If they do not observe, but initiate, they begin to do what no one needs. If they misunderstand the response, they do what they themselves don’t like.

Projectors are awaiting recognition and invitations. They observe and recognize their reaction to the invitation of those who are interested in them. If they initiate or choose the wrong project, they waste energy and encounter a lot of resistance and bitterness.

Manifestors are also waiting. For some reason, many believe that Manifestors can do whatever they want, but this is not so. The beginning of the initiation of the Manifesto lies not in the head. The action that the Manifestor wants to carry out must pass the test for compliance with the voice of the internal Authority. If Emotional – wait for clarity, if the Ego, then wait for a real desire, if Splenic, then the same thing – either wait for clarity or desire. Because the center of the Spleen must be connected to some other center of the two, otherwise it would not be a Manifesto.

In any case, even before the Manifesto can do anything – he must use his strategy – “Inform”. If this is not done, there will be many times more resistance from others and, as a result, the Manifestoor will have a false “I” triumph in life – “anger”.

Reflectors are waiting for the lunar cycle. They observe themselves, their sensations in the body for 28 days and make decisions based on this. If they are in a hurry, they lose themselves and come to disappointment.

Strategy is an opportunity to get into your flow, and Authority allows you to get rid of the patterns by which we are used to living out of the mind. And you don’t need to worry and be afraid to make mistakes, you need to be ready to prove yourself.

Waiting in Human Design

Why wait?

It is really important to wait and the inability to do this does not lead to anything good. However, you shouldn’t be zealous. The projector doesn’t have to wait for a dinner invitation just to eat. The generator does not need to wait for questions from the pizza, whether he wants to eat it. And the Reflector does not have to wait 28 days to choose between buying black or blue trousers.

Giving a recommendation to “wait” Human Design does not take away our freedom of choice, but suggests to conduct an experiment and try a new strategy of behavior, different from the one we are accustomed to throughout life.

This is an opportunity:

  • take off the templates of socially acceptable goals and desires, thereby unloading your head;
  • understand your true motives;
  • stop flowing with the flow chosen by society;
  • start making decisions not based on inferences, but based on their own nature.

The essence of Human Design is that everyone can become himself and live himself as nature created him. There are no rules that everyone can follow and logic will not help here.

In fact, it is important not so much to “wait” as to learn to recognize your deepest response, sensations in the body and the voice of the Authority. The ban on initiation “from the head” is not in order to limit, but in order to show another path – movement at the call of the soul that came into this world, into this body, in order to be manifested in this role.

If the world was not subordinate to logic and reason, then there would be no need to wait for anything, it would be completely natural for everyone to simply live and act on the basis of their nature.

The illusion of speed

We are all faced with the fact that more and more changes occur in shorter periods of time. Technology is developing rapidly, and it seems that it is not possible to keep up with them. However, if you look at whether people are getting happier, it is obvious that they are not.

The speed of life, especially in big cities, is increasing, but have the days become longer and the nights shorter just because people lit up the streets with thousands of lanterns? Has the lunar cycle shifted because a person walked on the moon in a spacesuit?

No matter how it may seem that the rhythm of life is accelerating – this is only an illusion created by our fussy brain, and nature and its flow remain unchanged for millennia. This is not about denying progress. You just need to seriously think about whether you need to hurry up in order to find happiness and are we missing something in this rush / rush?

Doing nothing

The whole point of expectation is that the false “I” does not interfere with our choice. The expectation and response strategy is about not interfering with the natural flow of life. Activity while waiting is not only possible, but also desirable, but it should be guided not by the circuits of the mind, but by our true needs, which can be changeable and unpredictable. It is a creative, spontaneous and easy process.

Do not punch the wall with your forehead if something is going too hard. When more energy is gone than joy is coming in, it is a sign that you need to stop and wait for a response, invitation, or the voice of your inner Authority.

The wait will end

You need to wait in order for the body to choose the path. It is a conscious willingness to start moving, trust the world and not separate yourself from the flow of the universe. The ability to wait – burns out most of the thoughts and desires that are not peculiar to you. The voice of the mind should not determine your choices in life and how you imagine it. The mind is only a limited subjective perception. Don’t become his slave.

When you start experimenting with your Strategy and Authority, then at some point the wait will end and you will no longer live by the criteria of the future. You will not wait for the moment after which life begins. Being is continuous, even if there is no invitation or response, life never stops. To understand this, we need to stop.

When we do not initiate, we still feel, hear and see – it happens continuously. And for this it is not necessary to do something. Live the life you like, enjoy it, and be ready for response and invitation. Waiting means not resisting the natural course of things and being ready to fulfill your role when the need arises.

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