People with Gate 64 Confusion are under constant pressure to comprehend the meaning in the events of the past.

People with Gate 64 are abstract thinkers. They see the world as a jigsaw puzzle and want to put it together as a whole. They discover and constantly scroll through these pieces of the whole picture, but it can be difficult to put them together. And seeing images of all these scattered puzzles can lead to confusion, insomnia, and even dizziness. For a good sleep, it is valuable not to focus on such questions and searches, not to disperse the mind to such activities at night looking.

Cognition of a single meaning requires serious mental effort. People with the “Confusion” gate process the flow of images that have been dealt with in the past. Confusion provokes difficult relationships and work situations that are difficult to accept. These are the events that want to find a lighter meaning.

It is important for these people to accept their confusion as a natural part of life. Their minds are filled with memories. They can accept their pressure to know the meaning of a situation or Being and just watch – when these images are lined up in the right order. It is pointless to speed up this process. They discover deep meanings in the events of the past and through this they resolve their own or other people’s experiences.

Gate 64 Confusion Human Design

Together with the Gate 47 Oppression, people with Gate 64 can process their stream of images and discover hidden meaning in them. Otherwise, fragments of this picture will remain a jumble of separate meanings, like lotto kegs in a sack.

The gift of a man with Gate 64 is to recognize all the important fragments of the Big Picture, but without Gate 47 it is difficult for him to connect them together. Seeing scattered fragments and images can lead to confusion and insomnia. People with Gate 64 filter and highlight those fragments and images from which the meaning will be later assembled.

Gate 64 Confusion on the Map

Gate 64 Confusion is located in Crown Center which is responsible for mental pressure. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 64 and Gate 47 form Channel 47-64 Abstraction. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

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Empathy in Human Design
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Centers: openness and certainty
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