People with Gate 13 Listener are natural listeners. They guide others through experiences they have witnessed.

People with 13 Gate hear what others do not. They listen to the revelations and secrets of others, like a priest in confession. A wide variety of experiences and stories are attested. You involuntarily open up with them, share your experiences. In an unknown way, they dispose to this. Because of this gift, they know a lot, but they don’t necessarily share it.

This Gate remember all significant experiences for the benefit of the humanistic development of mankind.

Together with the 33 Gate, they can share what they heard and perceived, they can voice the direction that is most suitable for our development. Without 33 Gate, they keep their secrets in and for themselves. They go through life, relying on the acquired experience.

They share universal ideas and values ​​that inspire us to humanistic collaboration. They confidently go back to the future, as they rely on the treasures of the past. The Listener Gate attracts those who wish to share their experiences with them.

Universal ideas and values ​​that guide others to draw on their past experiences and inspire humanistic collaboration. The Listener’s Gate attracts those who want to share their experiences, feelings, secrets. And they themselves, in turn, share the accumulated treasures with others.

Gate 13 Listener on the Map

Gate 13 Listener is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about Throat Center here.

Gate 13 and Gate 33 form Channel 13-33 Prodigal Son. You can read about this Channel here.

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